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    Russia Seeking China's Military Help In Ukraine, US "Sources" Say In Afternoon Of Media Leaks

    March 13, 2022
    Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping
    Image by The Presidential Press and Information Office

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    (Update 5:00PM): According to Reuters, when asked about claims that Russia is requesting military help from China, China's US Embassy said: "I've never heard of that."

    * * *

    Earlier when commenting on what's been reported as "significant progress" made in Russia-Ukraine talks, we noted that "It remains to be seen if this is the start of a peaceful resolution to the war or just another false dawn." Well, just a few hours later the false dawn has arrived via a bombshell FT report citing anonymous Biden administration officials who say that Russia has issued a formal request from China for military support in its invasion of Ukraine. This was followed minutes later with similar Washington Post and New York Times stories in what looks like a US "coordinated leak" effort to send a message and warning to China.

    "Russia has asked China for military ​equipment to ​support its invasion of Ukraine, ​according to [anonymous] US officials, sparking concern in ​the White House that Beijing ​may undermine western efforts to help Ukrainian forces defend their country," FT writes...

    To read more visit Zero Hedge.

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    Or a created "coordinated pseudo-leak", as their way to reveal themselves to us.. They consider it to be more efficient , i.e. less opposition, if they reveal to us their aim only in segmented steps as if the steps are separated and independent of the goal were separated .
    Their goal is unvertebrated, but they are revealing it to us as an apparently vertebrated one.


    This cannot be true..........An open Russian plea for help from China? Balderdash!


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