• PART ONE: Pelosi Takes Pictures With Well-Known Money Launderer In Ukraine - Is It Just The Family Business?

    May 10, 2022
    Oksana Markarova, Ukrainian ambassador to the US, who stole money from the Ministry of Finance, and Nancy, who has been engaged in various fancy-Nancy things that are classified "maybe its just a business?"

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    Oksana Serhiyivna Markarova is the current Ukrainian ambassador to the United States.

    She is also a well-known money launderer; she used her position as the former Ukrainian Minister of Finance to illegally make money in off-market bond transactions.

    She left the Finance Ministry position in March of 2020 and was appointed by Ukrainian President Zelenskiy as ambassador to the U.S.

    CDMedia wrote extensively in 2019 about then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's corrupt scheme to steal large sums of money through off-market bond transactions and then pocket the funds in offshore accounts. Poroshenko worked these transactions through Valeriya Gontareva, the former head of the Bank of Ukraine, who later bought a $30 million flat in London on a government official's salary.

    CDMedia has evidence Markarova was involved in the same tactics of organized crime.

    Poroshenko Ukrainian Money Laundering Scheme Explained

    The husband of Oksana Markarova, Danilo Volynets, was the head of the board of Oschad Bank Ukraine. Oschad Bank is one of the key NBU banks associated with transactions with government bonds. The office of the General Prosecutor has hundreds of folders of investigations involving state-owned banks trading Ukrainian government bonds and channeling the money through state-owned companies and investment brokerage houses in Ukraine, also, SPVs abroad.

    If we greatly simplify the explanation of transactions with government bonds through Oschad Bank, we get the following picture: the chairman of the board of Oschadbank directly manages the treasury of Oschad Bank, orders to buy government bonds, and then sell them at a certain discount to other banks or investment brokerage houses in Ukraine. Oschad Bank's counterparties are often investment banks and other commercial banks. Accord Bank (co-owned by Oksana Markarova) often gets the opportunity to purchase OVDPs (Ukrainian Government bonds and bills) at a discount, earning non-market profits by buying and selling OVDPs (for example, back to Oschadbank or other banks and investors).

    Oksana Markarova and Danilo Volynets are the owners of Accord Bank.

    Markarova was a member of the Supervisory Boards of state-owned banks Oschad Bank, Exim Bank, Ukrgas Bank and Privat Bank.

    CDMedia has witnesses in Ukraine who can testify Markarova ordered state-owned businesses to back credit lines for Ukrainian banks where she had an ownership interest, to finance illegal bond transactions.

    From the Website of the National Bank of Ukraine: (translated)


    1) written warning for:

    failure to ensure risk management, non-fulfillment of the obligation to ensure the functioning of a proper risk management system, application of a risk-oriented approach in its activities and taking appropriate measures to minimize risks. This is a violation of paragraph 4 of the second part of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention and Counteraction to Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime, Terrorist Financing and Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction" dated 14.10.2011 "1702-VII " [1] and paragraph 3 the second article 8 of the Law № 361-IX;

    improper fulfillment of the obligation to develop, implement and update financial monitoring rules, initial financial monitoring programs and other internal documents on financial monitoring, as well as the lack of procedures sufficient to ensure effective risk management and prevent the use of services and products of the entity primary financial monitoring to legalize (launder) proceeds of crime, terrorist financing and financing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. This is a violation of the requirements of the first part of Article 8 of the Law № 361-IX;

    failure to carry out during the due diligence of clients the measures provided by law in case of establishing business relations with clients who (whose ultimate beneficial owners) are politically significant persons, members of their families and persons related to politically significant persons. This is a violation of the requirements of the thirteenth article 11 of the Law № 361-IX;

    use during the client's verification of a document that was not valid (valid) at the time of its submission. This is a violation of the requirements of part seven of Article 11 of Law № 361-IX;

    improper performance of responsibilities for analysis and study of the grounds and objectives of financial transactions that are complex, unusually large, as well as increasing the degree and nature of monitoring of business relations to determine whether such financial transactions and actions of the client are suspicious. This is a violation of the third part of Article 12 of Law № 361-IX and paragraph 6 of Annex 6 to the Regulation on financial monitoring by banks, approved by the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine from 19.05.2020 № 65;

    2) a fine in the amount of UAH 17,000.00 for failure to provide the National Bank with information (statistical reporting) on ​​foreign exchange transactions for the transfer of funds in foreign currency and hryvnia for transactions with non-residents. This is a violation of the first part of Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine "On Currency and Foreign Exchange Transactions" and paragraphs 5, 10 of Section I, paragraphs 11, 12 of Section II of the Rules of statistical reporting submitted to the National Bank of Ukraine, approved by the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine .2018 № 120 (hereinafter - the Rules № 120);

    Ambassador Markarova was hired by Natalie Jaresko earlier in Ukraine at the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance. Jaresko went on to work for the U.S. Department of State. Markarova is pushing the Biden regime narrative...quote from one local analyst - "Maybe it's just a business?"

    The National File reported in 2019 that Pelosi's son was involved in a company that did work in Ukraine.

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    Like her son and mob-associate father who happened to also be a race-hater, the parasite named nancy pelosi keeps the family rackets going.


    Nancy wants some of that "big guy" American tax money being filtered though Ukraine.


    Pelosi and her crime family are just more criminals like the Clinton's.

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