Scotland, Where Indoctrination Never Stops

August 14, 2022

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I used to live in Glasgow, Scotland for 6 years and have grown really fond of this beautiful country and its rough, tough people. And yet, I am glad that I moved ‘down South’ 6 years ago, much as I do miss the ‘bonny banks o’ Loch Lomond’. As the fake nationalists of the SNP tightened their crazed Socialist grip on Scotland you could barely walk somewhere without being indoctrinated in one form or another. I had visited the German Democratic Republic shortly before it expired in 1990 and it had a similar vibe.

Around 2018 posters appeared everywhere that read “Dear Bigots” - to add insult to injury, the taxpayer first has to pay for posters and is then insulted by its government if he/she falls under the characteristics that its government thinks is bigoted.

I have recently been back to Scotland and you can’t escape poster indoctrination.

A police recruitment poster flashes 4 smiley faces but none of them reflects how 95% of all Scotts would look like. Conspicuously absent are white Scottish men. See it for yourself:

Even before taking off at EDI airport back to England, I walked past a wall painting titled “Women in Science”. Funnily, I could not find a single example of a woman in science listed there. This in a way is reflection of how good the modern left has gotten at ignoring reality - it wishes there were Marie Curies in science, yet somehow if reality does not deliver that, the standards for science get watered down and defamed as “racist” and “sexist”, especially that whole math part. The left wishes that energy could be produced solely by “renewables” but the laws of thermodynamics can’t be as easily ignored as demographic realities - the result: energy prices have tripled in the United Kingdom this year and we might face a very dark and cold winter, similar to the renewables super power of (my native) Germany.

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6 comments on “Scotland, Where Indoctrination Never Stops”

  1. What happened to the Scots to make them so mentally ill and suicidal as a nation? Why don't they fight back against this? None of that reflects SCOTLAND or SCOTTISH people, who have been persecuted themselves over the centuries.

  2. Not only in Scotland... We have a similar situation at Germany where our left-green government is dominating everything what corresponds to their left ideology, well supported by mainstream, especially by state-owned TV stations, which is financed by mandatory fees of yearly EUR 8,5 billion (8,!) and there is no chance to resist against the collection of such fees, which german state collects from every German. We even have to pay for their method of brain washing!

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