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    #4 England’s Summer Of Crime - Media & Police Too Busy Being Woke 

    August 30, 2022
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    Image by Gerald England

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    An 87 year old grandfather in a mobility scooter got stabbed in Greenford, West London whilst collecting money for a charitable course. He managed to drive with his mobility scooter for another 100 yards, desperate for help, before succumbing to his horrible injuries.

    Whilst the perpetrator was still at large, the BBC, to its credit, published a CCTV photo of the suspect on its website. It was a grainy picture of a positively not Icelandic man. However, if you happened to just listen in on the BBC radio broadcast, this is how the BBC would have helped the concerned listener to identify the suspect:

    Police now want to identify the man from CCTV as a matter of urgency.

    He is described as wearing grey shorts, a dark coloured T-shirt, a white baseball cap and white patterned builder style gloves.

    So, anybody sharing these fashion choices could be a subject. What if the subject decided to have a makeover session and say dressed in a blue coat and red hat like Paddington bear?

    Fortunately, the suspect of this heinous crime was apprehended a short time later, but no thanks to the BBC’s almost criminally negligent non-description. This is all the more infuriating as the BBC forcibly extracts billions of pounds per year from the British public, regardless whether they consume its hyper-woke, quite often ahistorical content (e.g. childrens’ programs about the many, many black Britons during Roman times…).

    How did Britain’s political establishment react to this brutal, senseless crime? Apart from the usual, shrugging condemnation of such crimes, London’s hyper-woke mayor Siddiqui Khan theorized that this could possibly be explained by school holidays and a prolonged heat-wave. Sure, nothing to see here. Nothing related to the condemnation of stop and search for its “disproportionate” targeting of “minorities” (are they actually still minorities in large areas of London?) and nothing at all with the passive policing during the George-Floyd “demonstrations” during 2020.

    And the rest of the media? There has been a spate of ‘smash and grabs’/riots that might sound familiar to an American audience, in places like London or Nottingham . These have received precious little press attention, except for a couple of local news outlets. Fortunately, these days one can always rely on Twitter and TikTok to capture these scenes.

    Meanwhile in the prominent TV show “Good Morning Britain” the journalist Andrew Pierce got reported to the OFCOM (Britain’s version of the FCC) for suggesting that “here was an issue in black communities which needed highlighting 

    Maybe Pierce made an overly broad statement - but wouldn’t this at least merit some debate rather than being reported to the speech commissars?

    And the UK’s police force - well, when they are not kneeling in front of BLM, they are being afraid to be called racist and thus not cracking down on the umpteenth grooming gang scandal (essentially the mass rape / sex trafficking  of white working class girls on an industrial scale by mostly men of Pakistani origin) as swiftly and forcibly as one would reasonably expect. 

    Fortunately for the UK’s police forces, there is always speech policing, much easier than facing down actual criminals and no danger of being called racist, whilst barely needing to leave one’s desk. 

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    A good example of that was the arrest of an army veteran, who had re-tweeted a swastika in the Pride colors during Pride week, no doubt a meme in bad taste. However, when the police arrived, they were confronted by the actor and political activist Laurence Fox, who told police officers that it was him who had posted the meme in the first place, whereas the suspect had only retweeted it. To no avail, the man was arrested for “causing anxiety”.

    Clearly the Britain of 2022 is a far cry from the days when it was synonymous with Speaker’s corner in Hyde Park and when the unarmed British ‘Bobby’ on the corner was the symbol of British community policing.

    By the way, if  any of the readers is interested in the aforementioned issues and has a knack for statistics, there are some great sources below regarding historical development of crime in Britain, stop and search patterns etc. Please feel free to the contributor if you spot any interesting patterns or if you have additional sources - in the UK we seem to something like the FBI crime and victimization survey (that tends to show the arrest rates and reported ethnicity of a perpetrator tend to correspond very closely).:

    Crimes since 1900: https://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/research/olympic-britain/crime-and-defence/crimes-of-the-century/ 

    Stop and search 2020 - 2021:


    Victims of crime: https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/crime-justice-and-the-law/crime-and-reoffending/victims-of-crime/latest 

    Ethnicity facts and figures: https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/crime-justice-and-the-law/policing/number-of-arrests/latest 

    Knife / sharp object crime since 2015:


    Kinsella foundation in knife crime & recent increase: https://benkinsella.org.uk/knife-crime-statistics/ 



    Christian Geib

    Christian studied law in Germany, the Netherlands and the US (LL.M. Stanford). He has worked in retail, hospitality, translation, government (such as the European Commission), IT and is currently working as an IT/business consultant. He is a reserve officer of the German Armed Forces. He is particularly interested in the architecture of political systems and international regimes, recruitment and education of elites, how narratives shape political reality and everything related to currencies.
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