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    French Voters Flock To Le Pen As Anti-Macron Sentiment Fuels Right-Wing Populism

    June 20, 2023
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    French voters are increasingly more supportive of French nationalist Marine Le Pen and the conservative policies advocated by National Rally (RN), new polling suggests.

    A new survey conducted by Ifop-Fiducial for the Journal du Dimanche (JDD) and Sud Radio revealed that more than four in 10 French voters (41 percent) want to see Le Pen dethrone incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron at the next election, an increase in popularity of seven percentage points from 2021.

    Similarly, 42 percent of respondents confirmed they have voted for a candidate affiliated with Le Pen’s National Rally in the past, seven percentage points more than in 2021.

    The numbers show a considerable swing towards the right of French politics, and they are a marked improvement for Le Pen who received 23.2 percent of the first-round vote in the presidential election last April.

    She later received 41.5 percent of the second-round vote in a run-off with the victorious Macron, who was reelected with 58.5 percent of the vote.

    The latest poll is consistent with other surveys that have shown the French electorate’s disillusionment with Macron, and more voters are seeing Marine Le Pen as a viable alternative to the status quo.

    A poll published in April revealed that Le Pen would defeat Macron by double digits, with 55 percent of the vote, and members of President Macron’s Renaissance party are concerned at the current trajectory.

    To read more, visit ZeroHedge.



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    Hugo Z. Hackenbush

    Being populist is not "right-wing." That term is used by totalitarians to project their totalitarianism on to anyone who opposes them.


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