• BREAKING: AFD In Germany Reaches 25% Of Electorate As German Electricity Grid At Breaking Point, Crime Rampant

    January 15, 2024

    Lefty government wants to ban party

    Image by Leonhard Lenz

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    UPDATE: German Finance Minister Lindner (FDP) is booed at the farmers' protest in Berlin: "Get lost, get lost."

    Crime in Germany is rampant as unchecked immigration from third world countries destroys German culture and security. Leftist 'green' energy policy is also wrecking German energy security and manufacturing capability.

    In addition, German farmers are protesting en mass over German agricultural policy, destroying the nation's ability to feed itself.

    This is driving the German populist party, Alternative for Deutschland, to record levels of popularity. The party hit 25% of the electorate today in German polling.

    Meanwhile, Network operator TransnetBW calls on citizens in the German state of Baden-Württemberg to reduce their electricity consumption due to "heavily used power lines," reports Disclose.tv. This is the state of Germany in 2024 amid "green transition."

    We discussed these issues heavily on our German podcast 'Euro Bytes' recently with our German/Austrian hosts.

    The success of AFD is driving the Marxist 'de-growth' leftists in power to attempt to 'ban' AFD from participating in national politics.

    A ban would be a massive upheaval in Germany politics and structurally we are told likely impossible to implement.

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    Nice blog here, too. Your website loads really rapidly. What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link? I wish my website loaded as quickly.


    I have dear friends with good family values, who live in Germany. They last visited in 2015, and we talked about ;politics, especially Trump., Listening them go off on him made me realize how far the rot had spread. I've asked gently if they wanted to hear facts about him and they refused. They are probably blaming everything that has happened to Europe on him..

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