February 6, 2024
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    Editor's Note: In the interview with Tucker, Putin declared the national security state directs American presidents and makes the decisions, and overruled American presidents in past interactions with him, and that the current national security apparatus is pushing the Ukraine war. He also stated he had good relations with many U.S. presidents and can solve the problems with a new administration, once the current government is removed. So, our quotes from a source below were not the exact verbiage, but the spirit of our article was correct.

    Today in Moscow, Tucker Carlson asked Russian President Putin who actually runs the U.S.  This was his answer:

    “The same forces which have always run it. You may change presidents but you do not change those in real power. That is who we have to deal with. Joe Biden is just a facade for this power structure.”

    When asked about a possible second term for President Trump, Putin replied:

    “For one thing he never insulted us. He has a great respect for Russia. We would start from a position of friendship and trust – then all problems are solvable. We could get it done. Trust me.”

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    M Aurelius

    Do you hear that sound?
    Like popcorn all around you?
    Those are leftist heads exploding.


    "We could get it done. Trust me.”

    I was sorta expecting a "That I can tell you" after that lol


    trader joe tries to extort like obama did but he forgets who he is daily and everything else


    Trump should arrest every single person in the top 200 positions of every 3 letter agency on the first day and set up the world's largest RICO case against the uniparty


    Dream on. He's more likely to hire them.


    youre more likely to fluff them.

    Handle Mine

    Oh, a seasoned professional fluffer speaks.


    i cant believe that community organizer obama knew to remove everyone in all the government departments and agencies and the military, and he replaced all of them with good card carrying America despising Marxists that were loyal to him and the deep state.

    I cannot believe that a successful billionaire like Trump couldnt even figure out that THAT was his first move, to get rid of the cancer obama brought with him... he never did, and he was stabbed in the back constantly for 4 years.


    He sure knows now.


    That is what drives MAGA...The fact that Trump won't be fooled twice and so their pencil necks are on the line.


    As a businessman, Trump believed that the people(Americans hired to work for America) would do the best job they could if he let them run. However, he didn't know that it was possible for so many people to work against him. If we're being honest, it didn't start with Obama, he was tying up loose ends as was necessary to facilitate the full Uniparty takeover for the next POTUS Hillary(at the time) & it almost worked too.

    truth will set you free

    half truth, half lie....game theory at it's finest. potus's are a facade (truth) trump would be better (lie). the only thing we can hope is that potus makes so many promises that they have trouble breaking them all....albeit, obama and bush were the worst...and trump before the scamdemic was better but then he joined them at the bottom

    Jonas Clarke

    All truth.


    gibberish personnified.

    Handle Mine

    Fluff it.

    Lisa Oliva

    They're all corrupt, if Trump is corrupt in his businesses ( Taxes) I don't give a shit( all of them are,most just us their political positions to be corrupt) Trump ran this country better than any previous president s in the past 100 years, and ask YOURSELF WHY DO THEY WANT TO GET RID OF HIM REPUBLICANS ABD DEMOCRAT S..


    Well for starters Trumps taxes were spotless. How about putting all elected officials taxes in full public view.

    Dano S.

    No. If Trump joined them, why are they trying every trick in the book to eliminate him running for, and likely winning, POTUS? Seems like the only one you outsmarted was yourself.


    Is this supposed to be new. Of course Obiden is not running the United States. Everybody knows Obama is.

    Handle Mine

    Obama is a stooge for the Oligarchs. Their modern slave of sorts. And happy to be so.

    scott norris

    If you don't hate Trump, threaten Trump, deride Trump, denigrate Trump, create false narratives about Trump, then you are not a good little comrade to the American Left.


    So, he's perfect, is that it??? If he's perfect, then why didn't he actually fix the things he should have, and said he would, and keep the CONvid travesty from happening??? Oh... but I'm "deriding" Trump, so I'm a good little Leftist...

    We USED to be able to discuss things in this country. Your shutting folks down who aren't sucking Trump's rear is no different from all the Leftists shutting folks down for saying things they don't like. It's the same dam thing. So, you are a Leftist, too.


    remember when obama said... it'll go well if I get re-elected
    vlad says suck it barry


    Americans know that Biden isn't running the United States. And I love Tucker. But I wouldn't go to Russia to ask Putin who's running the US.


    What better way to get unspoken truth out before the public?


    you will get a better answer from Putin he is not hiding from any one


    Dems always need a boogie man, then they can pretend they are fighting for you

    Ben Colder

    Even the Russians know the Sniff Bribeme is just a figure head but he is on the take .Carlson has set the communists in this country heads on fire by his interview with Putin.


    It's been obvious from day 1. Don't need Putin to tell us.


    True. But, it's very telling that Putin knows, and was willing to tell the truth. We got more truth from him in 2 or so hours than we do from our own government every single day.


    Living in Russia, I’m simply shocked to read comments from Americans how they praise the man who has seized power in my country for 30 years, started a terrible fratricidal war, the entire opposition is in prison or killed, for dissent - you will be tortured in the police station, do you like that?
    Lord, what's wrong with you!? I hope this is written by bots and not real people.


    You can have the Same Old Club or you can have Trump fighting with the Same Old Club. The outcome may not be much different but second option sounds much more entertaining. One thing Trump knows how to do is make good deals with big egos. And we could use a few good deals.


    Obama was never eligible to be president, but both parties did nothing to try to stop Barry from being sworn-in. That means both parties gave America's government and her military to her enemies at the highest level of her government. The Uniparty understands there is no statude of limitations for treason and they protect Obama to protect themselves. The penalty for high level treason can be hanging.... The current attempts to protect Obama include preventing Trump from being President again..

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