• European Farmers Win...For Now

    February 6, 2024
    Image by Kakoula10

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    Farmers across the European Union are angry and have highlighted their rage across The Continent in creative ways for the last few weeks and months.

    It seems the EU is backing down for the time being, and is backing down on new laws that are destroying food production in Europe.

    Ursula von der Leyen announced on Tuesday the withdrawal of a contentious law that aimed to reduce the use of pesticides across the European Union, marking the first defeat of the Green Deal, reported Euro News.

    The so-called Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR) was first tabled in June 2022 with the ambitious goal of slashing by half the use of pesticides by 2030. It also envisioned the total prohibition of these products in sensitive areas, such as urban green spaces and Natura 2000 sites, and promoted the uptake of low-risk alternatives.

    "The Commission proposed SUR, with the worthy aim to reduce the risks of chemical plant protection products," von der Leyen said on Tuesday, speaking before the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

    "But the SUR proposal has become a symbol of polarisation. It has been rejected by the European Parliament. There is no progress anymore in the Council either. That is why I will propose to the College to withdraw this proposal."

    However, as with the WHO treaty that is attempting to destroy individual nation sovereignty around the world, it's a game of whack-a-mole.

    They'll be back.

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    Charles R McRae

    All of the Regs. to starve us are coming to the US soon.

    Clifford M. Reid Jr.

    It's "whack a mole" time. Good! If the mole gets whacked enough the animal will develop a trauma and stay in its hole. It just needs to be whacked every time it shows its degenerate head.

    Clifford M. Reid Jr.

    Good for these farmers! Let Americans learn a lesson... How to Whack!

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