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    Macron And Zelenskiy To Sign 'Security Agreement' Today In France As Ukrainian Drama Plays Out Behind The Scenes

    February 16, 2024
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    As the drama in Kyiv, Washington, and European capitols unfolds, it seems we are nearing the end of the Zelenskiy regime in Kyiv, and possibly the end of the Biden regime in Washington.

    We are informed European governments are quite worried about the future as Trump likely returns.

    The following is from a trusted source on the Ukraine-Russia conflict:

    - The battle for power at top of state of Ukraiine set ground to all sort of revenge and treason
    - I believe they are pushing Zelensky out because out of control due to cocaïne addiction, his days are counted, he knows it and his entire crew of crooks are certainly ready to go out of the country baggage full of $$$

    - I heard that a lot of elite people start to contact Ukr Oligark Medvetchuk, living in Moscow, to ask him to come back...
    - European use this assassination story to install laws on information control by Thierry Breton, a former french minister.
    - In EU parliament they are in panic mode after announcement of Trump, calling him all sort of names. Diarrhea of the go, the corridors of EU parliament will need huge cleaning ! I laugh! Go Donald go!
    - Medias are belly up hysterical here!

    Thick heavy spy fog in Kiev... We will see in the aftermath. I got info, on battlefield, lot of stronghold taken in Avdievka and AFU starts to evacuate, Where they will go ? there is nothing else but the steppe ahead of them during dozens of kilometer...Very bad story

    Life expectancy for AFU in Krinky area: 6h, one wounded Ukr soldier saying: over 120 guys of his unit landing in the zone, only 12 remaint alive but wounded ... 2 days ago RU army delivered 60 FAB-500 on that zone ... U can build a lake now !

    The Ukraine is about to disappear the way i predict it. Vladimir Putin will be imperial regarding his expectation, this is going to be a geopolitical butchery.

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