Doctors, Drug Companies, And Others Who Profit From Transgenderism

June 20, 2023
Doctors, Drug Companies, And Others Who Profit From Transgenderism

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…Follow the money.

This well-known adage is frequently uttered during investigations done for various reasons from corporate malfeasance to political corruption and bribery. Unfortunately, some numbers may reveal that medicine can again be added to the list.

1:10,000 to 1:40,000: Background incidence of gender dysphoria (the true diagnosis behind transgenderism) before the modern amplification via social media and a hypersexualized society.

2-5%:                                                 Current incidence of teenagers who identify as another gender. Numbers vary based on polls.

200-500x:                                         increase in incidence of gender identity patients. This equates to approximately 2 million Americans in need of ‘lifesaving’ gender affirming care. These are the potential clients for doctors, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry to court. Imagine being in an industry seeing 500x or 50,000% increase in a client base.

Treatment costs vary widely, but estimates are below:

$10,000+                                          Costs of gender re-assignment surgery (top)

$25,000+                                         Costs of gender re-assignment surgery (bottom male to female)

$25,000+                                         Costs of gender re-assignment surgery (bottom female to male)

Up to $100,000                               Other cosmetic surgery for feminization/masculinization

$1,000 – $3,000                Costs of hormones per year

$50-200/session                             Costs of psychological and psychiatric therapy

Unknown                                          Costs to society – admin costs of redoing identification cards, birth

certificates, and other legal documents and accommodations for gender fluidity/transitioning.

$100,000+                                        Low end of estimates for lifetime costs of gender affirmation care per patient

$200 Billion+                                   Aggregate cost for 2M plus estimated gender affirmation patients

The list of stakeholders who stand to gain financially is lengthy. In the corporate world this is usually where players begin to flex soft and hard power to keep the profits rolling in. Social media, journalists, educators, and politicians are doing their part to demonize and suppress dissent as the events unfold. Medical communities in America continue to advocate for aggressive gender affirmation treatment, even though European countries (Sweden, UK and others) are turning away from such courses of action. Interestingly, the same medical groups haven’t updated their transgender policies in years (sticking with incomplete outdated data yet claim to have science on their side) and are strangely silent as the debate in America heats up. As a recent example, the leaders of the American Medical Association and American Association of Pediatrics refused to comment on California Bill AB957 (criminal punishment if parents don’t support transgender youth) when asked. My own professional body, the American College of Emergency Physicians, blocked a chatroom post asking for opinions on AB957. If their work is ‘righteous’ and ‘lifesaving’ then why are they refusing to take credit for what they have done?

The drug companies and medical societies played a similar game during Covid, working with social media and the federal and state governments. They worked together in synergy to control the messaging, censor physician discussions, and block off the shelf treatments (low cost) so only the most expensive drugs made it to market to ensure record profits for all.

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Clearly, supportive doctors, hospitals, and drug companies stand to profit greatly by exponentially increasing numbers of transgender patients. However, the financial incentives don’t end there. In fact, the real monetary prize is likely not even in the medical industry. Transgenderism is just the latest in a string of politicized issues being thrust on all areas of society. The obvious motives likely include the left benefitting from more younger voter support, discrediting religion and family values (bedrocks of the right), and a pathway to more election gains in 2024. Keeping the White House and regaining control of the House puts the unrestricted credit card for all forms of reckless pet projects for the left back in play which will put Billions if not Trillions in the pockets of the leftist elites. Conservatives are demonetized and/or deplatformed from large social media websites if accused of transphobia. Conservate politicians are similarly punished and attacked for such perceived transgressions. It is not hard to consider transgenderism as one more weapon in America’s civil war to establish a one-party state. In this end state, everyone loses, particularly America’s youth being sacrificed medically and financially for political gains.

…Follow the money.



John Hughes

Emergency Physician. United States Military Academy Class of 1996. #1 graduate. 3rd Generation West Pointer. 4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Member of STARRS.US & MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates.
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    Thanks for this. Americans need to wake up to this horror show. Follow the 11th Hour Blog at where the money connections are exposed. There are also many excellent guest posts showing the ties to pornography, hypnotics, industry and NGOs. This nightmare has been well planned for decades. For a look at the tragedies occurring in families, check out the PITT substack at Please continue to call this out.


    Weinmar America will collapse under the weight of its own sins and errors

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