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    September 26, 2023
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    A recent paper in Expose-News (CLICK HERE) has again raised the question: Do COVID-19 “vaccines” cause cancer?

    We know from many isolated reports and many different sources, including specialist oncologists, that the incidence of various types of cancers (including “turbo” cancers, or rapidly progressing and unusually aggressive cancers) seem to be on the rise since the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. But, as always, “correlation” is not the same as “causation” as the epidemiologists and statisticians would rightly remind us.

    As background, there is considerable compelling evidence that the COVID-19 so-called “vaccines” have been linked directly to a significant increase incidence of sudden death, heart attack, stroke, myocarditis, blood clotting, autoimmune and neurological diseases according to various adverse drug event reporting systems. The numbers of these adverse events are staggering when one considers that these passive reporting systems only pick up about 1-2% of the real incidence of these effects. This is commonly referred to as the “under reporting factor” and is recognised by all analysts in this space and the drug regulators themselves. I have reported on this numerous times in my previous Substacks.

    The question regarding cancer and the COVID injections is not as easily resolved because people, in general, would not normally expect a “vaccine” to be related to cancer and thus they would not be inclined to report such a relationship and the development of a cancer can be delayed or not recognised for many months without a close temporal relationship to the injections (such as heart attack or stroke).

    The official government narrative is that the COVID injections are “safe and effective” and it is incredibly easy to deny any cause-effect relationship between the “vaccines” and reports of cancer in the adverse effect reporting systems. But the increase in unexplained non-COVID Excess Deaths worldwide (including cancers) cannot be ignored and our government has no credible explanation for the increase in deaths following the COVID “vaccine” rollout.

    The proponents of the gene-based synthetic mRNA COVID-19 injections initially sought to fend off the avalanche of serious adverse event reports of all types by saying that the number of reports was just a function of the billions of doses given worldwide, the rate of adverse events per million injections was nothing to worry about.

    Well…….that is not true.

    The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction System (VAERS) is one of the major passive (ie voluntary) vaccine adverse event reporting systems. Readers should go to openvaers.com to view the up to date data.

    VAERS data shows the number of COVID “vaccine” injections (Dec. 2020 to Aug 2022) vs flu injections (2008 to 2020).

    So, many more flu vaccines have been administered as compared to COVID-19 “vaccines”.

    So, then let’s take a look at the number of reports of cancer associated with the flu vaccines vs the COVID-19 “vaccines”. Using the flu vaccine as an internal control as a base statistic is a clever way of assessing the relative risk of cancer for the COVID injections.

    Now, convert the number of cancer cases per 100,000 doses of the flu vaccine vs the COVID-19 “vaccine”.

    Now you see cancer is a reported COVID-19 “vaccine” adverse event 1433x the rate of flu vaccines. That is astounding. This is a safety signal of enormous magnitude.

    When observing such a deeply disturbing statistic, the first thing a pharmacologist like myself would do is to look at plausible biomolecular mechanisms of action which could possibly explain the increased cancer incidence.

    In this regard, I refer my readers to the interview with Dr. Kevin McKernan (a renown authority in genomics) which I published in my Substack of 8 Sept. (CLICK HERE to view). In this interview McKernan alludes to one of 3 general mechanisms whereby COVID-19 mRNA gene-based “vaccines” could cause cancer: Monkey Virus promoter gene segment (Simian Virus 40 or SV40) contamination in the plasmid DNA contamination of the “vaccines” could trigger dormant cancer genes to express themselves and cause cancer; interference in the normal while blood cell immunological response to cancer development; and, Spike Protein (from the “vaccines”) impairment of gene repair mechanisms normally present to keep cancers in check. Of these 3 possible mechanisms, McKernan appears especially concerned about the SV40 gene segment which is a well known genetic engineering sequence tool used to promote gene expression. He says that it is plausible that the SV40 promoter segment might randomly be inserted next to a dormant cancer gene to trigger this gene to express itself and initiate the development of a cancer. Research is urgently needed to determine if this genomic event can be detected in post-vaccinated cancer patients. The US CDC has more than 10,000 employees. Maybe some of them should look.

    McKernan is not the only concerned genomic expert. Separate from the McKernan speculation is an impressive and exhaustive review by Seneff, Nigh, Kyriakopoulos and McCullough (see below) focusing on the effect of the gene-based mRNA “vaccines” on an important group of molecules called interferons which have been known since 1957 and are central to immune signalling and normal cellular functioning. Interferons play a key role in cancer suppression.

    Seneff Mccullough 2022 Innate Immune Suppression Covid Mrna Vaccine June 2022 Copy 2

    649KB ∙ PDF file


    The large family of interferons play a very complicated role in gene-regulation and immune response and anti-tumour activity. Certain interferons can be suppressed by COVID-19 “vaccination” and result in modified expression of well known cancer genes associated with breast cancer and other cancers and in cancer surveillance. This paper is very technical but even those who are not students of molecular biology can appreciate the gravity of what this paper is saying.

    None of this was known in the brief 10 month development period running up to the release of the whizz bang new generation of gene-based COVID “vaccines” yet our drug regulator repeatedly said these injections were “safe and effective” without any credible or reliable data to support such a reckless statement. The “safe and effective” narrative was simply a wish……it was not based on reliable data. Despite literally thousands of published papers (like the Seneff et al paper above) raising the alarm as to the potential future harm of these experimental gene-based therapies, our government is forging ahead with plans to produce mRNA injections to be used across our population without regard to therapeutic need or any risk-benefit analysis and certainly without any long-term safety data.

    This is disgraceful behaviour. Our TGA could not give a fat rat’s ass (a technical pharmacological term). We are not safe. Our children are not safe. Our grandchildren are not safe.


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    Phillip Altman

    Australian Pharmacologist - Clinical Trial and Drug Regulatory Affairs senior industry pharmaceutical consultant in drug research and regulatory approval with more than 40 years experience. BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD. @PHILLIPALTMAN
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