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    October 9, 2023
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    The COVID-19 gene-based so-called “vaccines” were released to the public despite major deficiencies in the clinical trial safety and efficacy data. Without qualification, these injections were declared to be “safe and efficacious”…….we now know this is not true.

    Having been released in Australia under “Provisional Approval” (and in other jurisdictions using similar abbreviated regulatory “approvals”), it fell to the established post-release voluntary adverse drug reporting systems (such as the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) or to Australia’s Drug Adverse Event Notification (DAEN) scheme to pick up safety issues.

    These voluntary reporting systems are not transparent and they under report adverse reactions by estimated factors of somewhere between 20 to 100 times (as I have previously reported a number of times in this Substack). Worst still, these systems are easily corrupted to effectively minimise the reporting of adverse events (to fit the government narrative of “safe”) by making it difficult or complicated to report, changing definitions of “vaccinated” vs “unvaccinated”, omitting codes for adverse event descriptions (eg. “death”), delaying the analysis of data etc. In addition, health professionals suspect that the professional health regulator (APHRA, Australian Professional Health Regulatory Agency) which responsible for continued permission to practice, is watching who reports and what they report in terms of adverse events for COVID-19 “vaccines”. It is my own view that the under reporting of COVID-19 “vaccine” adverse events is probably over 100x. The Australian DAEN system appears especially corrupted as it is only admitting to 14 “vaccine” deaths so far. The US VAERS system is reporting more than 36,000!

    So…..how can one really assess the safety of the COVID-19 “vaccines” if the original clinical trial and animal safety data was grossly inadequate and the post-release adverse drug reaction systems are (apparently) corrupted or manipulated to minimise safety signals? The answer is official statistics of ALL CAUSE MORTALITY or EXCESS MORTALITY ie the total number of deaths from all causes above that expected compared to previous non-COVID years. This data (the absolute number of deaths) is a powerful statistic to determine if the COVID-19 “vaccines” overall prevented death and, if analysed correctly, could be used to determine the safety of the COVID-19 “vaccines” by reporting the number of Excess Deaths in the “vaccinated” vs “unvaccinated” populations.

    We already know that the Excess Death rate has skyrocketed across the world since the introduction of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. If the COVID-19 “vaccines” prevent death (as claimed), then what is causing the surge in Excess Deaths?

    One approach to try and answer this question is to pull out the numbers of deaths according to vaccination status ie “vaccinated” vs “unvaccinated” deaths. But this is not easy to do. Why is it not easy to do? This is a critical statistic. Why is this not being reported? It is easy to do. It appears that health bureaucrats are going out of their way NOT to collect this important data. For example, NSW hospital statistics use to report this data on a weekly basis until it showed that almost everybody in hospital with COVID-19 was fully vaccinated and boosted - they stopped reporting these statistics 31 Dec. 2022.

    There are people who are particularly skilled at data analysis and I interface with them on a regular basis. I am not a statistician or data analyst but I closely follow what is being reported in relation to Excess Deaths. One such recent report issued anonymously on 23 Sept. (CLICK HERE to view), using data extracted from the UK’s Office of National Statistics, showed there were 154,300 Excess Deaths due to the COVID-19 “vaccines” in the UK. Dr. John Campbell picked up this Substack report and based one of his popular video podcasts on this data. It has caused a real storm.

    The UK government has been notably silent but their unofficial campaign propagandist organisation (BBC) has sprung into action to defend the Excess Death claims (CLICK HERE to listen, start about 6:16 onwards). It seems that we are living in a post-science era where highly paid and well connected so-called “fact-checkers” and highly censored medical literature publications have become the arbiters of truth.

    Why is it not the responsibility of government to be transparent and fully investigate this important question? Why leave it to individuals (or conflicted organisations) to pull out this critical information which is vital to the public interest? All we want is the truth.


    A paper published online 23 May 2023 (CLICK HERE to view) by Kuhbandner and Reitzner examined the Excess Death (mortality) in Germany During 2020-2022.

    Here are a few takeaway key quotes from the study (credit to monitoring Editors Muacevic and Adler):

    “In April 2021, an extensive COVID-19 vaccination campaign started in Germany.”

    “Somehow unexpectedly, in April and mainly in May 2021, a significant increase in excess mortality is observed”

    “... if the vaccinations successfully prevent people from dying from COVID-19, a straightforward prediction is that excess mortality should decrease with an increased number of vaccinated persons.”

    “As is visible in Figure ​Figure8,8, the obvious hypothesis of a decrease in excess mortality with an increasing number of vaccinated persons is not correct.”

    “There seem to be negative long-term effects either of the SARS-CoV-2 infections, COVID-19 measures, the COVID-19 vaccination, or most probably a combination of these.”

    “The temporal relationship between the courses of vaccinations and excess deaths is especially pronounced for the third vaccination.”

    The authors conclude: “These findings indicate that something must have happened in spring 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality, although no such effects on mortality had been observed during the early COVID-19 pandemic so far.”

    NOTE: The COVID-19 “vaccines” were not available during "the early COVID-19 pandemic”. The alarm bells are ringing. Is anyone listening?


    Often, important safety signals are raised by anecdotal reports. When numerous similar safety signals are raised independently by highly qualified and experienced professionals, drug regulators should pay attention. Such reports have prompted immediate investigation. In the past, this has been the normal modus operandi. However, in the post-truth, post-science era in which we live, words of warning seem to be completely ignored. CLICK HERE to view an experienced oncologist speak - 44 sec. It is alarming that our TGA and other drug regulators do not seem to pay attention.


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    Phillip Altman

    Australian Pharmacologist - Clinical Trial and Drug Regulatory Affairs senior industry pharmaceutical consultant in drug research and regulatory approval with more than 40 years experience. BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD. @PHILLIPALTMAN
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