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    November 6, 2023
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    I had the great pleasure to meet Elizabeth at the Golden Sheaf Hotel, Double Bay, Sydney last Wednesday night at the monthly meeting of freedom lovers hosted by Natalie Dumer (meetings the first Wednesday of every month).

    She did a great interview with Kevin Mckernan - CLICK HERE to view (1:38).

    Take the time to listen to McKernan describe his concerns about the DNA and endotoxin contamination in the COVID injections. I’ve covered this in my previous Substacks:

    Substack - 14 Oct. https://open.substack.com/pub/phillipaltman/p/more-on-dna-contamination-of-the?r=10pxn5&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

    Substack - 5 Oct


    Substack - 25 September (Do COVID-19 “Vaccines” Cause Cancer?)


    McKernan was the first to discover plasmid DNA contamination in the COVID mRNA “vaccines”.  This contamination has been confirmed by several other laboratories both in US and internationally and the Canadian drug regulator. 

    It appears the disturbing issue of endotoxin and DNA contamination has been covered up by the drug regulators and the manufacturers have minimised the reporting of the safety risk by playing games with the analytical methods used to quantitate these contaminates. In addition, arbitrary allowable limits of DNA and endotoxins have been adjusted upwards.

    The TGA are redacting FOI responses on DNA contamination.  McKernan specifically refers to Freedom of Information request 3390 involving Australian Pfizer vax batch FL7649. What are the TGA hiding?  Apparently the TGA are not testing themselves for DNA contamination but relying on the manufacturer’s advice on the contamination.  In doing so they can claim plausible deniability.

    According to McKernan, Pfizer apparently hid the presence of the SV40 promoter sequence (not the whole SV40 virus) in the plasmid DNA used to make mRNA from regulatory authorities.  SV40 sequence promotes the production of mRNA.  The drug regulators have tried to cover up this issue by using a straw man argument and saying that the Covid vaccines do not contain the SV40 virus – which is correct.  But they do contain the potentially the dangerous shorter SV40 promoter segment. 

    How can such potentially dangerous genetic materials be mandated for use in the population at large including healthy people and children?


    Dr. Peter McCullough again has called for a halt on mRNA research development because there is no way to shut off the production of toxic antigens which could cause various auto-immune diseases.  These mRNA “vaccines” have a very complicated bio-molecular fate which are poorly understood. CLICK HERE to view his paper in Trial Site News based on a paper by Acevedo-Whitehouse and Bruno.


    But Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Paul Kelly, repeatedly says the Covid “vaccines” are “safe”.

    I always understood that it was illegal to claim that any therapeutic agent (drug) is “safe”.  Anyone or any company so claiming a drug was “safe” would be prosecuted.  Yet our Chief Medical Officer has repeatedly said the COVID “vaccines” were “safe” despite the fact that these injections have been reported to cause more death and serious injury than any drug in history.  How does he get away with it?

    I believe I now know the answer to this question.

    Following some investigation by a legal contact of mine working on a vaccine mandate case, it was discovered that a Delegate of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) established special written authorisation prior to release of the Covid injections to claim the “vaccines” were “safe” without qualification.  It seems that there was a plan put in place from the very beginning to convince the public that the experimental gene-based “vaccines” had no serious adverse effects.  So, without any proof or evidence, the TGA can legally say a drug is “safe” even though they are not.  How can this be?  Something must be done to prevent the dissemination of such serious misinformation in future.  It raises the broader question: Why should a government be the sole arbitrator of truth under the proposed Misinformation and Disinformation Bill 2023 when it is the main source of misinformation and disinformation? 

    Despite the enormous threat posed by myocarditis following COVID injections, research to precisely quantify the risk has been extremely limited. I suspect clinicians and scientists understand the risk to their careers and research funding if they dare to reveal the true threat posed by post-injection myocarditis. There have only been 2 prospective clinical studies published of which I am aware.  See my Substack of 31 July. CLICK HERE to view.

    However, it is useful to reflect on one cardiac autopsy report published in Germany at the end of 2022.  The paper can be downloaded below.

    Autopsy Based Histopathological Characterization Of Myocarditis After Covid Vax

    2.54MB ∙ PDF file


    To summarise this paper: Standard autopsies were performed on 25 persons who had died unexpectedly and within 20 days after COVID vaccination.  In 4 patients who received a mRNA vaccination, acute myocarditis was identified without detection of another significant disease or underlying health issue that may have caused the death. The autopsy findings indicated death due to acute arrhythmogenic [irregular heart beat] cardiac failure.  The authors concluded: “Thus, myocarditis can be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.”  So much for being “safe”.

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    Phillip Altman

    Australian Pharmacologist - Clinical Trial and Drug Regulatory Affairs senior industry pharmaceutical consultant in drug research and regulatory approval with more than 40 years experience. BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD. @PHILLIPALTMAN
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