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    The Right Wins Widely In Chile

    May 8, 2023
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    Jose Antonio Kast, Presidente del Partido Republicano de Chile

    With a wide margin of victory, the Republican Party won the elections to the Constitutional Council of Chile and will be the ones writing the new constitution for the country.

    Sunday, the Republican Party received 35% of the vote, according to the numbers reported by the Chilean Electoral Service (Servel).

    After this victory, the right will contribute 22 of the 51 councilors, 50 representatives of the political parties and one of the indigenous people, who will have the responsibility of drafting a new constitution, which would replace the current one that was drafted in 1980.

    The left-wing coalition, represented by President Boric, obtained only 28% of the vote and 17 councilors, not enough to give them veto power.

    Many international political analysts consulted by CDME, agree that these countries are realizing that "leftist policies are not delivering on the promised results and that their situation has worsened." We saw the latest statements by the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, who said that the nation's Attorney General works for him and that "he is his boss", worrying the population about the separation of powers and the respect for the constitution. The rejection of this statement is evident and has spread in social media networks across different sectors of the country.

    In what appears to be an international movement towards the conservative right that began with Giorgia Meloni in Italy, Poland, and Paraguay, now we see Chile move away from the left, and a left-wing President in the United States in the latest poll receiving only 36% job approval. 70% do not want him to run for re-election. It seems that we are witnessing a seismic movement of geopolitics across the globe.

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