• Brazil's Lula Goes For The Guns Now That He Stole Election

    July 22, 2023
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    Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has signed a decree tightening restrictions on civilian access to guns in Brazil, in a move aimed at reversing the pro-firearms policies of his right-wing predecessor Jair Bolsonaro, reported Disclose.tv.

    The decree reduces the number of guns civilians can possess for personal safety from four to two, reduces the allowed ammunition for each gun from 200 rounds to 50 and requires documentation proving the need to hold the weapons, reported AP.

    It also bars civilians from owning 9 mm pistols, restricting them to members of the police and military.

    “It’s one thing for the regular citizen to have a gun at home for his protection, as a guarantee, because some people think this is safety. Let them have it. But we cannot allow gun arsenals to be in the people’s hands,” Lula said Friday during a signing ceremony.

    “We will keep on fighting for a disarmed country. Who should be well equipped with guns is the Brazilian police and the federal armed forces,” Lula said.

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    Brazilians, pretend like you have a 2nd amendment and declown your government....quickly!


    We actually have a 2A, and if we're not using it to defend Liberty here in the US...

    Tired O'Libs

    Just wait til the next election is stolenor they jail the one fighting the corruption!


    Sadly, the good guys are faltering on a global scale...and civilized Men are standing by as tyranny blossoms across the world. Nowhere is this truer than in the USA. I'm concerned for Brazil, sure...their election was stolen, too. But the United States is (was?) the last bastion of true Liberty, on the planet. If it dies here...

    M Aurelius

    When you give up your guns to the government,
    it's all over but the mass murder.

    Rikki Tch Tch

    Castro confiscated all private Cuban firearms. Castro then murdered 50,000 Cuban citizens. The Brazilian people must have missed that.


    "Who should be well equipped with guns is the police and the federal armed forces and of course all NRA members”


    if a Brazilian citizen is only allowed to keep 50 of his 200 rounds of ammo, let the government have the 150, one at a time. Send them the casings later.


    And then it won't be long before they want your 2 pistola's and the 50 rounds of ammo.

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