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    El Salvador President Bukele Drops Defiant Speech At CPAC Against Globalism, Receives Rock Star Welcome From Spanish-Speaking Attendees

    February 22, 2024
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    President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador spoke about the importance of preserving the freedoms and democracies of the region and the United States.

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    Under applause and a giant room completely standing, the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele entered what until now has been the most important speech of the conservative conference CPAC DC 2024.

    He spoke about the challenges he encountered when coming to power, corruption, and how he took George Soros and his organization out of El Salvador, "No one elected him (Soros) from where he believes he has that power over the Salvadorans," explained the Salvadoran president.

    He was emphatic and direct in his criticism of the political persecution that exists in the United States, the president expressed that "We eliminated political persecution in El Salvador, something that you are experiencing here."

    Globalism was also an important theme of his speech, he said that "globalism comes to die at CPAC, I want to tell you that in EL Salvador, it has already died." This comment prompted the audience to give him another completely standing ovation.

    "Bukele delved into the economic right of of criticizing high taxes and monetary issuance, as if he were from the Austrian school and the re-incarnation of Milei," said Fernando Abreu, President of the Dominican Republic's new right-wing party Patria Libre. , who was present at Bukele's speech.

    The mystery of his economic question during the speech was to say that "If the US federal reserve prints inorganic money to pay for the government, what is the need to pay taxes?". This left many wondering about his reasoning.

    The conference continues on Friday with the participation of other conservative leaders of the country and the speech of the President of the VOX Party of Spain, Santiago Abascal.

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    Willie Lora

    Willie brings more than 25 years of experience in Broadcast Media and Communications in several national and international News Organizations for 18+ years as a news producer, Washington Bureau Chief and as the News and Political Director for the CNN en Español network.
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    David Smith

    The worms have turned. Hopefully it is going to be really painful for the elites and their lackeys.


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