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    March 23, 2020
    Image by Thepeoplesartist

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    The Democratic Party, led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are holding the American economy hostage to install socialism in the United States before passing the bill to save American workers due to the COVID-19 outbreak!

    99 Democrat Red Balloons

    The new collective bargaining powers alone detailed below will forever alter the fabric of America, installing socialism instead of a capitalistic economy.

    Think about it...the Democratic Party is using the crisis created by the Chinese Communist Party as a weapon to communize the United States of America.

    McConnell - "Are you kidding me? Democrats won’t let us fund hospitals or save small businesses unless they get to dust of the Green New Deal."



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Ilk like Nasty Pelosi and the rest of the slimy DemocRATs are a bigger threat to this country than COVID-19 or China.

    John Acord

    Why must we ask why the CCP Virus released in the West Is more virulent than the one released in Wuhan? The answer is simple and obvious. This is no accident. It was a deliberate attack with a WMD. The CCP Virus created at the Wuhan Bioweapons Laboratory is less virulent because it was to be released in China for the purpose of camouflaging their attacks. The CCP Virus released in the West was created to be far more virulent and lethal. Folks, the CCP has struck the West with a weapon far more lethal than Pearl Harbor and 9/11. They have launched WW III and no one has noticed. Millions will die and China plans to emerge as the leading world power. The US must respond with a massive nuking of all CCP military installations and scientific centers. I don't care if we kill a billion Chinese. The CCP deliberately planned and executed the ultimate horror on us and they have to not only be paid back but totally devastated.


    Time to End the Democrat reign of terror. Arrest, Convict and execute the Traitors.

    John pearson

    Just dump the filibuster, drag the sick Republican Senators in in hazmat suits and with a majority pass the anti-filibuster rule and the virus economic bill.


    You all know what we have to do this November..!!

    IF we don't This Evil will Destroy This Nation our Fathers gave U.S. WE must do to them what they did to Ole Bernie. Kick them permanently to the Curb.


    what about the bigger question. giving massive, as in TRILLIONS of dollars, in bailouts and government equity for companies we bail out. isn't that also communist - government owned interest in companies. tax money being redistributed to those that "don't have" - redistribution of wealth. basically, the republicans actions and those that support this truly don't believe in how free markets work. so all you republicans that allow this to happen, but if obama or another liberal did this would scream socialism, need to reassess your real stance on how you define a free market system.
    i'm not a commie, socialist or liberal. i am an advocate of letting free markets determine what happens. government intervention has many unintended consequences, both short and long term. what the dems are doing is deplorable. but what the repubs are doing is also deplorable in another sense. they are big government power whores.


    Trump needs to be loudly vocal in his condemnation of the socialist Democrats desire to crush the American economy and people. Pull no punches Mr President. Lay it all on the table for the people to see. WTF do these communist demands have to do with aiding the American people and businesses to survive this communist attack on our country? Use power point presentation to make it quite clear to the people WTF the Socialist Democrats are doing to we the people.


    Democrats are breaking their Oath of Office., Arrest, convict and execute them.

    Sherlock Homeless

    The Democrats prove again they are anti-American.


    Time to declare martial law, round up and execute all Democrats and communist party members.

    […] New York Post… RedState… CDMedia… […]


    And, incredibly, some Americans will still vote Democrat. You just can't make it up...

    Show me

    We can't expect anything good from the Democrat controlled House.
    This bill has just turned into another impeach Trump gambit. When he refuses to sign essentially a poison pill bill, they will impeach him for it.
    Trump will need to manage the pandemic by himself using war powers act.
    I think congress should be asked to declare war on the virus, but they will likely refuse, but still, it will be a public act, so people can judge for themselves about it's justification and motivation.
    Unemployment is a crisis in every state. Trump needs to declare a national emergency in every state individually about unemployment.
    Small business is in crisis in every state and territory. Trump needs to declare a national emergency in every state individually about small business.
    Corporate business is in crisis in every state and territory. Trump needs to declare a national emergency in every state individually about corporate business.
    Each national emergency needs to be addressed individually in every state and territory and whatever resources, financially and administratively Trump can authorize with his emergency powers needs to be carried out as soon as possible.
    Each and every crisis needs to be approached as a national emergency and the federal resources used to their utmost.
    The Democrat controlled House is going to exploit every crisis they can. Trump needs to disregard them, let the people know their agenda, and do everything he can to help the American people through this.
    Likely , the 15 day stand down or quarantine measures enacted will need to be abandoned soon, since the choice now is whether the American people starve because they have no money to buy food or shelter due to unemployment, or get sick.
    A poor choice at best but the only way out is to end the quarantine, continue recommendations for minimizing unnecessary travel, wear masks when possible as well as use appropriate hygiene, avail ourselves of whatever medical services are available, and get back to work.


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