US Futures Soar On Report Of Positive Results From Gilead Drug

April 16, 2020
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US Futures Soar On Report Of Positive Results From Gilead Drug

US equity futures are soaring after-hours following headlines from STAT news that Gilead Sciences' experimental drug remdesivir is  “seeing rapid recoveries in fever and respiratory symptoms.”

Almost all patients were discharged in under than a week, and only two patients died, STAT said, citing comments made this week during a video discussion about trial results with University of Chicago faculty members.

STAT cautions that trials are running at other institutions and full study results can’t yet be determined; Gilead told the news outlet that it’s looking forward to data becoming available.

University of Chicago Medicine recruited 125 people into two late-stage studies, including 113 with severe Covid-19.

Gilead stocks is soaring...

To read more visit Zero Hedge.



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