Keep Your Emotions In Check. Market-Boosting Certainty Is Coming

October 12, 2020
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Keep Your Emotions In Check. Market-Boosting Certainty Is Coming
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Straight ahead of us, just weeks, this young bull market gets a boost from almost entirely unexpected quarters: America’s election. Sound crazy? Before having me committed, let me explain.

This year’s election spews angst aplenty. Even last year, alignments were steeling themselves for a chaotic campaign. Subsequent 2020 developments only magnified this. I won’t belabor you with them as they’ve been painfully shoved in your face all year long.

Acknowledging that, my advice: Go against the grain. Ignore angst.  Be calm. When the dust settles—possibly election night or sometime not too long thereafter—we get a winner and increased clarity. Uncertainty will bullishly fall. Markets love falling uncertainty, always. You want to own stocks before then...

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