• Old Wall Street Proverb - Interest Rates Are Low Until They're Not

    February 25, 2021
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    Old Wall Street Proverb - Interest Rates Are Low Until They're Not
    Image by Lee Coppock

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    Economic indicators don't matter anymore when the Fed is manipulating everything.

    However, interest rates do matter -- they are an indication of how much investors want to be paid for taking risk. For a long time, the Fed has controlled both ends of the bond market, by entering the market as a participant, buying bonds, keeping yields down. The effect of this market interference was to keep interest rates artificially low.

    But the Fed can't do this forever, even though it thinks it can. In banana republics they call it printing money; here we call it 'quantitative easing'.

    Just in case you want to know how all this ends…"The novelist who can see the future… and has done so with multiple novels" Currency signed copies #thriller

    Never mind the agenda behind this horrendous monetary and fiscal irresponsibility of our globalist elites...$28 trillion and counting. I won't call it policy, because it's not, it's an agenda, an evil one at that. It's nothing less than the destruction of the American financial system, the USD, your children's future, all with the end result of Chinese Communist Party dominion over the world.

    It's working.

    Just as matter of time, today the bond market in the U.S. might have begun to take back control. Today's Treasury auction was a disaster. That means higher interest rates for our stupidity. That means an interest rate shock. That means economic destruction.

    All on Beijing Biden's watch.

    They must be popping the champaign in Beijing, as our idiotic useful idiots in our universities, the DNC, Wall Street, and the Republican Establishment stare in wonder at what they have wrought, all in the span of a few short weeks since President Trump left office.

    Can you image how successful we would be if he was still there? But now, we are headed into the abyss.

    You can read more about the disastrous Treasury auction today here.

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