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    Inflation Is Here NOW And Fed Can't Raise Rates...So OBiden Keeps Spending Trillions

    April 14, 2021
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    The Agenda Is To Destroy America And The USD

     Cleaner sweeping the floor after the Wall Street crash, 1929

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    Inflation is not coming -- it's here, and boy is it going to be angry.

    There is no longer any doubt that the OBiden administration is seeking to destroy America and the greatest financial system ever created.

    This is what communist plants installed by the Chinese Communist Party do.

    We are thirty trillion in debt, and OBiden is just getting started.

    The 'infrastructure' plan, that has very little infrastructure, is on its way, along with forgiving student loans, massive redistribution of wealth, et cetera, et cetera.

    The sad thing is the Fed can't raise rates to combat the inevitable rise in prices. The historical level of the US 10 year bond is around 5%. We are less than 2%. Even to get back to historical averages will cost hundreds of billions in debt service cost - something we simply cannot do.

    So, as Steve Bannon so eloquently says...'embrace the suck'.

    Or should we say, 'embrace the hyperinflation', which is surely coming.

    Why gold is still languishing is a mystery to us.


    Consumer Price Index Core s.a. (Mar) printed at 271.2.

    Consumer Price Index (MoM) (Mar) printed at 0.6% vs 0.5% consensus estimate.

    Consumer Price Index n.s.a.(MoM) (Mar) printed at 264.877 vs 264.69.

    Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (MoM) (Mar) printed at 0.3% vs 0.2% estimate.

    Consumer Price Index (YoY) (Mar) printed at 2.6% vs 2.5% estimate.

    Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (YoY) (Mar) printed at 1.6% vs 1.5% estimate.


    Import Price Index (MoM) (Mar) printed at 1.2% vs 1.0% estimate.

    Import Price Index (YoY) (Mar) printed at 6.9%.

    Export Price Index (MoM) (Mar) printed at 2.1% vs 1.0% estimate.

    Export Price Index (YoY) (Mar) printed at 9.1%.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye!

    Hyper-inflation will trigger the planned devaluation and reset of the USD into "digital dollars". This move to e-dollars is happening already in India, Israel, China and Sweden.

    Cash currencies will eventually be removed from circulation and made non-fungible.

    The radical left Dims will reign financial terror down on middle class (white) America in the name of social(ism) justice and equitable redistribution of wealth.


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