• America Goes On A Buyer's Strike: Explosive Inflation Leads To Record Collapse In Home, Car Purchase Plans

    July 16, 2021
    Image by George Santangelo

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    For the past several months we have warned about the pernicious effects soaring prices are having on both corporations ("Buckle Up! Inflation Is Here!") and consumers (""This Is Not Transitory": Hyperinflation Fears Are Soaring Across America"), prompting even otherwise boring sellside research to get  (hyper) exciting, with Deutsche Bank (which warned this week that "Inflation Is About To Explode "Leaving Global Economies Sitting On A Time Bomb"") and Bank of America (which "Just Threw Up All Over The Fed's "Transitory" Argument") now openly claiming that the Fed is wrong, and the US is facing an unprecedented period of far higher, non-transitory inflation, with DB going so far as to warn "policymakers will face the most challenging years since the Volcker/Reagan period in the 1980s."

    But none of this has spooked the Fed into conceding - or believing - that inflation is anything more than transitory. And maybe just this once, the Fed has a point because all else equal, by which we mean lack of rising wages, the best cure to higher prices is, well, higher prices.

    Presenting Exhibit A: Last month we observed that anticipating an end to Biden's stimmy bonanza end and that soon they will have to live again within their means, Americans' buying intentions (6 months from today) as measured by the Conference Board, had cratered across the 3 major spending categories: homes, automobiles and major household appliances...

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    Daniel Wright

    I will comment about this as a self appointed spokesman for the rightful POTUS DJ Trump. "See,I told you so'


    Be alerted to spam texts, emails, postal mail, and phone calls from fakers such as 'Mercedes-Benz Union' and many other so-called dealers and retailers trying to spam-scam consumers into buying. Many are chicoms who are employed by these entities to grab hold of American consumer dollars under falsehood, as seen on amazon, ebay, etsy, facebook, pinterest, walmart, target, macys, jppenny, kohls, numerous fake charities and false crowdfunding, fake law enforcement donation scammers, biden's fake 'health ambassadors', fake covid19 testing kits, false health insurance, false and thieving payment processors such as Klarna and numerous other frauds and scams. Research extensively before giving away your money since many are grifters. The bidenfail admin has opened up numerous doors for society's lowlifes to steal, cheat, and scam.

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