Biden Destroying Black Employment

September 6, 2021
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Biden Destroying Black Employment

Biden Destroying Black Employment

While the unemployment rate for Americans dropped in August, there is a political time bomb buried in the statistics for President Joe Biden and a Democratic Party increasingly focused on equity: black joblessness shot up significantly.

In other words, the president who fondly boasts of a domestic policy promising to leave nobody behind has an economic recovery that is leaving a key Democratic constituency in worse shape.

"The rise in black unemployment in August is certainly troubling, considering their unemployment rates were already much higher than any other group," Elise Gould, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, said on Twitter...

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    One comment on “Biden Destroying Black Employment”

    1. From the very beginning, from years back, Biden has been a lifelong white supremacist and who not only embraces the twisted kaykaykay creeds but the klansmeen themselves including his utterances of many a public racial slur against non-whites. His dis-employing all blacks was always part of his things-to-do list, the only list which he can 'remember'.


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