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    The Chinese Economy Is A House Of Cards Built On Mountains Of Bad Debt -And It's Starting To Crumble

    September 7, 2021
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    The Chinese Economy Is A House Of Cards Built On Mountains Of Bad Debt -And It's Starting To Crumble
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    With algos busy chasing upward momentum in futures and global stocks, the biggest - if largely ignored story - remain the ongoing collapse of "China's Lehman", the $300+ billion China Evergrande, where following our earlier reports (see below) that a bank run  emerged among creditors of the biggest and most indebted Chinese developer as its bonds were no longer eligible collateral in the repo market after a ratings downgrade, on Monday the rout went from bad to catastrophic as various Evergrande bonds crashed amid a liquidation frenzy, prompting China's stock exchanges to halt trade.

    The Shanghai Stock Exchange said in a statement that it had temporarily suspended trading in China Evergrande Group's 6.98% July 2022 corporate bond following "abnormal fluctuations." The exchange had also suspended trading in the bond on Friday.

    Shanghai exchange data showed the bonds sliding more than 25% to a low of 40.18 yuan after the resumption of trade on Monday afternoon. The company's 5.9% May 2023 Shenzhen-traded bond , which was also suspended, fell more than 35% after trading resumed. China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co (CCXI) downgraded Evergrande and its onshore bonds to AA from AAA on Thursday, and placed the company and its bonds on a watchlist for further downgrades, effectively freezing the company out of the repo market...

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