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Fed Doubles Pace Of Taper, Now Expects Three Rate Hikes In 2022

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Since the last FOMC statement on Nov 3rd, where Jay Powell ‘reportedly’ unveiled a ‘Dovish Taper’ – only to unleash the Powell Pivot a few weeks later – bonds and the dollar are higher, gold is unchanged, and stocks are lower…

Real Yields have surged higher since the Powell Pivot (5Y real yields are the least negative since early Dec 2020)…

But, since the ‘Powell Pivot’, the STIR market shifted dramatically more hawkish, now pricing in at least one full rate-hike before June 2022…

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David E Gignac December 15, 2021 at 10:46 pm

There will be no rate hike, it is not 1980 and in 2021-22 any increase in interest rates will lock up the economy as solidly as an engine that has been submerged in salt water for 2 1/2 years. The only lubrication is the pumping of money into a system that is bloated with the very grease that allows it to move. The Biden economy has destroyed any hope of normalcy and the very best we can wish for is stagflation until we move to some new system besides fiat.
Your full faith and credit have turned to hopium and if you try another credit system instead of sound money backed by gold you will get anarchy.
Hey Louis ~ the peasants are at the gate and would like a word with you.


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