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    Today’s Banker-Lawyer-Politician-Media World War

    May 1, 2022
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    Technological innovation always drives disruption, creates fear and panic among powerful incumbents and forces the globally connected to lock arms in defense of their supremacy. This isn’t theory,  conjecture or hypothesis, it’s merely a truth observed and recorded over thousands of years of history. This very short video clip perfectly explains how technological disruption eventually breaks through barriers of resistance. 

    FUD is an acronym that stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. FUD is used in many forms to distract, divert, diminish and discourage the general public from understanding truth, embracing change, making rational/objective decisions to alter the “status quo” and/or seek safety and “help” from governments. FUD is also commonly used to destroy the character, reputation and motive of others, especially when money and political power are at stake. Can you fathom the unlimited billions of dollars that could be spent on planted press stories, false narratives and malicious lawfare to destroy anyone promising to “level the playing field” on behalf of individuals and taxpayers seeking a better life?

    The single most powerful incumbency on earth is the Central Banking monopoly. It should surprise no one that disrupting this global monopoly will elicit the greatest use of power, might and FUD their money and influence can generate. Their centralized monopoly owns, defines, produces, distributes, regulates, taxes and leverages the vast majority of money, bonds, securities, commodities, derivatives, assets, corporations, politicians and therefore, nations. And if this banking monopoly controls all things, they are in essence, the rulers of our world. This isn’t conspiracy, it’s simple common sense.  All efforts to transition away from a centralized, privately-owned and unaccountable, global banking monopoly, and towards a decentralized, nationally operated, public responsibility, a banking system that is sound, transparent and accountable to the sovereign citizens within each nation, threatens the single most powerful incumbency on earth. 

    Efforts to devolve power, money and control from centralized banking cartels elicits hell on earth.  Welcome to war. 

    Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), crypto currencies and precious metals will combine to destroy today’s global banking monopoly. 

    Every nation on earth, except for the United States of America, has deemed the crypto currency XRP, to be a virtual digital currency. In 2021, the use of the XRP Ledger and XRP Token experienced an 800% growth rate outside the US and an almost 0% growth rate inside the US. The most powerfully aligned forces are earth are deploying maximum FUD, legal, political, banking and media power to destroy a technology disruption company called Ripple. Why? The motive should be clear; Central Bankers and unaccountable politicians fear disruption, transparency and accountability to citizens they are elected to serve. Decentralized banking returns power and personal freedoms back to us and therefore decentralized juggernauts and monopoly threatening  innovators must be destroyed at all costs. But Americans MUST have the knowledge to understand how FUD is being used to deceive us, scare us, distract us, destroy innovation and keep us enslaved in a system of debt, fiat money, taxation and political control. Knowledge is power.

    1) XRP-Ledger Layer is decentralized, open-source, free to the world, requires no “permission” from any central issuing authority, is built upon a distributed-ledger technology platform available to the entire world, and is 100% non-dependent upon use of Ripple (the private company) and/or use of XRP (the digital token), in any shape, form or fashion. Banks, financial institutions and software programmers can adopt and build programs, processes and services using the free, open-source XRP ledger and never once adopt or integrate the XRP token in any manner. Many entities freely choose to integrate the XRP token based on it technological features and use-case benefits, but there are no mandates whatsoever. 

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    ** These essential facts are critical to know in order to dispel the blatant myths, lies and deceptions used to vilify Ripple & XRP by bankers, politicians and media assassins deployed on behalf of the incumbent banking cartel. These entities falsely weaponize the term “centralized” against Ripple in an effort to delegitimize the most technologically sophisticated, decentralized monetary solution on earth. The last thing global incumbent bankers desire is Ripple popularity and the ensuing public wealth that will be returned to its rightful owners.  **

    2) RippleNet Layer is centralized because Ripple is a private software company founded to make a profit helping global customers understand, adopt and integrate their cutting edge financial technologies into their business operations, dramatically reduce their costs and offer new value to customers. Ripple (the private company) offers a specialized expertise in the XRP ledger, XRP token, ODL, Wholesale cross-border payments, CBDCs, and a wide range of emerging digital assets. 

    3) Fiat Banking Layer is a fully centralized, 100% privately-owned, Central Banker/Government run monetary system that issues unlimited, debt-based, non-collateralized, fiat currencies and antiquated, expensive, opaque and proprietary wire transfers, a SWIFT payment messaging system, a global correspondent banking network, and ACH technologies with exorbitant fees and inferior technology. 

    We live in a matrix where all the world’s a stage. Money makes our world operate. Life is political whether we like it or not. Money is a system of trust, and it’s far past time we the people overhaul an antiquated money system from the most untrustworthy group of people on earth. We stand at the precipice of doing just this. The ruling class is paranoid.

    Please watch this remarkable video that highlights how powerful organizations are doing everything possible to maintain their global monopoly - and our enslavement.



    Rob Cunningham

    Rob‘s experience includes a degree in management informations systems, service as a USAF instructor pilot and commercial airline pilot, ten years in investment and mortgage banking and the co-founder of a national business development company. He’s involved in private equity investing, serves in advisory roles for private equity and non-profit organizations, and has an insatiable curiosity to research law, history, politics, the emerging world of cryptocurrency, digital assets and society after the demise of the Federal Reserve.
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