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    Decentralization Is Inevitable

    June 17, 2022
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    Thank God for truth, divine law and our inherited common sense. A nation built upon lies, fraud and ulterior motives has never lasted. People who betray their sworn oaths to honestly serve their fellow man do great harm to their fellow man. And unfortunately, citizens who are innocent, naive, self-indulgent, distracted and disengaged from the process of self-governance will suffer greatly as wayward governments run by narcissistic politicians collapse under decades of compounded corruption. We become enslaved by our lack of knowledge, until such time we find the courage to escape our captors. 

    The controlling minority of politicians in our United State’s are aligned with the dying, bankrupt European Union, NATO bloc war hawk nations, private Central Bankers, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum’s globalist agenda. America is financially, morally and constitutionally bankrupt. 30% of every US dollar in circulation has been produced out of thin air during the prior 30 months. Today, only 3% of all money on earth can be physically withdrawn from banks, 97% is digital. Privately owned Central Banks can continue to produce an infinite supply of new money with no voter approval or political accountability. And every new dollar they add makes every existing dollar we hold, worth less. It’s called inflation. Can you feel it?

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    Globalist bankers are frantically attempting to inflate their fiat money supply to delay the pending financial system collapse. Under the cover of media “happy talk” and business “news” gaslighting choreographed to deceive the public, they are buying more time to construct their new Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC) system of digital money, power, surveillance and control. They’re in a panicked sprint to build their new digital banking prison before their current fiat banking monopoly burns completely to the ground. Make no mistake, the only similarity between a CBDC and a true Crypto currency is that both are digital.  CBDCs are issued and centrally controlled by global bankers with unlimited power, zero transparency and no accountability to any citizen or nation. True Crypto currencies are issued with decentralized governance algorithmically programmed and assigned to the owners of each crypto currency, True crypto offers full public transparency, perfect blockchain accounting, no ability to issue infinite new supply of the crypto (inflation), and no ability for a government or non-government agency to own, control or weaponize a decentralized crypto currency for political objectives. True crypto currency is designed to prevent political perversion of money and the Ponzi scheme system built to steal and destroy the wealth of individuals. 

    Common sense is all that is required to understand why Central Bankers, their financed politicians and captured regulators work so feverishly to promote CBDCs and the few crypto currency projects they own and control. Truly decentralized crypto currencies are viewed by them as counterfeit money (not “theirs”) and they represent a dangerous, existential threat to central bankers who have reigned terror over our world since the birth of the Federal Reserve in 1913. 

    Consider carefully where you consume your financial, investment and political news in these days of chaos, destruction and spiritual warfare. Discernment is a blessing from God.  Truth will set us free.



    Rob Cunningham

    Rob‘s experience includes a degree in management informations systems, service as a USAF instructor pilot and commercial airline pilot, ten years in investment and mortgage banking and the co-founder of a national business development company. He’s involved in private equity investing, serves in advisory roles for private equity and non-profit organizations, and has an insatiable curiosity to research law, history, politics, the emerging world of cryptocurrency, digital assets and society after the demise of the Federal Reserve.
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