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    It's Almost Like They Want Inflation To Explode...

    July 13, 2022
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    Consumer inflation is off the charts. If you have a pulse, you knew that already. It's likely the numbers are much higher as the OBiden data is about as trustworthy as the CCP's.

    Energy, motor vehicle maintenance, dental services, shelter all increased dramatically.

    But thankfully for Biden's agenda, wages fell for the 15th month in a row.

    It's almost like they want raging inflation and the middle class to suffer?

    Financial markets are down big on this 'surprise' news.

    Get out while you still can. They mean to burn it all down.

    Consumer Price Index (MoM) (Jun) printed at 1.3% vs 1.1% consensus estimate.

    Consumer Price Index (YoY) (Jun) printed at 9.1% vs 8.8% estimate.

    Consumer Price Index Core s.a. (Jun) printed at 294.35.

    Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (MoM) (Jun) printed at 0.7% vs 0.6% estimate.

    Consumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (YoY) (Jun) printed at 5.9% vs 5.7% estimate.

    Consumer Price Index n.s.a. (MoM) (Jun) printed at 296.311 vs 295.668 estimate.

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    Despots such as Joe Biden thrive on the factual idea that an economically unsound, unhealthy, and starving population is easier to control and manage while using deception and false info as tools to achieve their warped goals. That's the dark-place they operate from and has always been the engineered machine of society's money-grubbing leeches who seek to minimize populations so that there's (more) luxury and wealth for themselves.


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