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    Kennedy Shows Crypto Chops - Vows To Back USD With Precious Metal, Bitcoin If Elected

    July 19, 2023
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    Kennedy Shows Crypto Chops - Vows To Back USD With Precious Metal, Bitcoin If Elected

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    RFK, Jr. has long been on a Bitcoin tear since appearing at the Bitcoin2023 event in Miami last May.

    “I became a Bitcoiner when I saw what Canada did to the truckers," he thundered from the podium giving his keynote speech at the conference.

    RFK stated unequivocally  “The trucker demonstration was peaceful”, and that freedom of money was as paramount as freedom of speech.

    Now speaking at the July 19 Heal-the-Divide PAC event, Kennedy claimed that backing the U.S. dollar with what he called “hard currency,” including gold, silver, platinum or Bitcoin, could help to re-stabilize the American economy, reported Bitcoin Magazine.

    “Backing dollars and U.S. debt obligations with hard assets could help restore strength back to the dollar, rein in inflation and usher in a new era of American financial stability, peace and prosperity.”

    “My plan would be to start very, very small; perhaps 1% of issued T-bills would be backed by hard currency, by gold, silver, platinum or Bitcoin,” he said.

    Additionally, Kennedy declared he would make Bitcoin to U.S. dollar conversions exempt from capital gains taxes.

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