• China: Houston, We Have A Problem

    August 27, 2023
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    China has a major problem, and seems to be begging the Manchurian Candidate in The White House for help.

    The Chinese bubble economy is collapsing. So, the Biden administration is sending finance representatives to Beijing to help them out of the jamb.

    China’s $18 trillion economy is decelerating. Consumers are downbeat, exports are struggling, prices are falling and more than one in five young people are out of work.

    The real estate crisis drags on. Country Garden Holdings, with 3,000 pending property projects up and down the country, is on the cusp of default. Meanwhile protestors have gathered at Zhongzhi Enterprise Group, one of the biggest shadow banks, demanding their money as payments are halted.

    Even as the real estate woes deepen, there’s been only limited measures to cushion the blow. Forecasters such as JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and Morgan Stanley have all downgraded their projections for China’s economic growth this year to below the government’s 5% target, reported Bloomberg.

    The US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo has met with the Chinese Ambassador to the US Xie Feng ahead of her upcoming visit to Beijing and Shanghai starting on August 27. The brief readout from the US Department of Commerce states that the two “shared a productive discussion” and that Raimondo “raised issues of importance to the United States and American businesses and workers and discussed issues relating to the US-China commercial relationship, challenges faced by US businesses, and areas for potential cooperation," reports China Briefing.

    The readout from the Chinese Embassy in the US stated that Xie spoke on “China’s position on economic and trade issues of China’s concern, requiring the US side to attach great importance and take actions to resolve them”. He also “called on the US side to work with China in the same direction, make the list of cooperation longer and shorten the negative list, so as to make joint efforts to stabilize China-US relations.”

    The bioweapon China released upon the world in conjunction with nefarious elements within the U.S. government, along with the election fraud of The Great Reset, is leading to economic collapse in the West, and the East.

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    Tell them to eat a BRIC.


    The BRICS allaince is going to fail. I just heard on CBN that Indian has amassed an army to persecute anyone who isn't Hindu and pointed out that it bears very striking resemblance to the brown shirts.

    I'm planning an sitting back and watching the BRICS alliance come tumbling down and laughing as it fails. Pass a beer.


    Know God, know prosperity
    No God, no prosperity


    Let that country collapse. I'm not giving them one copper plated zinc cent.


    If Biden extends economic aid to China, there will be civil war. Enough with the America Last policies of Biden, Obama, and Hillary, and all their Deep State tyrants!

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