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    A "Buzzsaw" Awaits Future Embassy Mourner/Protesters In Middle East

    January 2, 2020
    Gen. Mark Milley. Screencap: YouTube

    Speaking alongside Defense Secretary Mark Esper today, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley warned future protesters who might attempt to breach a U.S. embassy in the Middle East that they would run into a "buzzsaw."

    Esper stated that given sufficient warning, preemptive attacks were also on the table. “The game has changed. We're prepared to do what is necessary to defend our personnel and our interests and our partners in the region.”

    The stark warning comes after the New Year's Eve incident in Baghdad, where organized Iranian protesters set fire to sections of, and sought to break into, the U.S. embassy.

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    Court Anderson

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    Nice application of 'Speak softly and carry a big stick'. Kudos to the Trump Administration in this.

    Now - on to the prior Administration abandoning Iraq in substantial ways, hiding behind the SOF agreement, refusing to adapt such or answer to Iraqi pleas for help, all leading to the current environment.

    The daesh were easily targeted in their formation, long convoys without cover. Alas, where there is no vision the decent perish.


    Team Zer0 - worst U.S. foreign policy since Vietnam. 0FA - Zero for America.

    Show me

    Not sure what's next. Will US pull out of Iraq. I wouldn't doubt it. Central government apparently has voted to eject US forces.
    US forces may leave Iraq, perhaps small force defending Kurdish oil fields in Syria.
    US forces might remain in Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region to prevent the central government from moving in and taking over.
    A lot of Iraq is probably empty desert and not really inhabitable.
    Only regions in north in Kurdistan and along the Euphrates, and in the coastal marshes.
    There will likely be US support for Iraq Kurd autonomous region.
    If Iraq goes under Iranian domination, likely the Kurds will then go forward with initiative for independence.
    US just might support them in this instance, while previously, the US wanted to keep a low profile to keep from provoking the central government and Iran.


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