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    Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene Details Horrific Consequences Of Biden Afghanistan Betrayal

    August 15, 2021

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    Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene outlined the horrific consequences of Joe Biden's betrayal of the American and Afghani people, after listening to a Congressional conference call. She posted the information recently on her Telegram channel. You can read her comments below.


    I just got off White House briefing for Congress concerning Afghanistan.

    Joe Biden is a FOOL!

    • The military equipment and arms were left on purpose for the Afghan military to supposedly defend themselves. But they have handed it all over with no resistance.
    • 5,000 prisoners have been released from the base. Known terrorists.
    • Our border is wide open and out of control. These terrorists can easily make their way to the US.
    • The Taliban is in full control and ISIS is there as well.
    • Trump defeated ISIS and Biden is to blame for their imminent rise.
    • Turkey and Pakistan are going to soon move in to “stabilize” Afghanistan.
    • Over $1 trillion in spending, over 2,000 Americans lives lost, and over 20,000 injured and maimed over the last 18 years for absolutely nothing.

    My love and support goes out to all of our military members and veterans of Afghanistan, and also especially to any family who lost a loved one. God Bless our Gold Star families.

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    CDM Staff

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    The Searchers

    Maybe Pakistan and Turkey will move in to stabilize Afghanistan, however I’m not sure it will be a national entity or country much longer.
    It has resources and location, location, location.
    My thought, educated guess probably, is that China proxies will take control of the country, and then if they start to lose control, they’ll call in the Chinese for help or stabilization.
    American media will turn this Afghan rout into a Biden victory.
    It could develop into another Iran nuclear deal, but after Afghanistan, the price of an Iran nuclear deal probably just doubled or tripled, as far as cash is concerned and there will be strings attached with American foreign policy, however American foreign policy under the Biden administration may be parallel if not congruent with Iranian foreign policy.

    End of the world

    Over $1 trillion in spending. Alot more than that. Dont forget the interest. More money we dont have. The American fool thinks oh well. The dollar is being constantly attacked by Obiden. Let's collapse USA economy as fast as we can. Was Trumps covid crisis any different? He blew big money on stimulus checks and operation warped crap.

    And dont forget the recent infrastructure bill that the RINOS voted for and that's another Trillion. All part of the plan to destroy the county financially and usher in Obama's new world order. Oh and dont forget to take the Mark of the Beast. We are so being set up.

    Jerry Alan Kimbro

    On the bright side? They will no longer waste hot water on baths or laundry in Afghanistan! this could help stop Gwobal Wming Wacismsm!

    Feldwebel Wolfenstool

    All part of China's plan, of which Joe and Hunter are a willing partner of...


    And Ross Perot spent weeks planning and executing the SUCCESSFUL evac of his company personnel, from IRAN!!, even two of whom were in an Iran prison. AND... he actually went "close to the action"... did not take a vacation while his 'people' were in deep doo-doo. Where's Biden??


    Pedo Joe Biden is a senile totally incompetent baboon fool. Commie-ho Harris isn't any better. These people need to be removed from office before they completely destroy this country...physically if necessary. That includes Nasty Pelosi, Chuck U. Schumer and Schitthead Schiff.

    If Cuomo can be asked to resign or be impeached for his sexual abuses, why isn't pedo Joe being asked to resign or be impeached?

    Biden fondles little girl's breast.

    Francisco Machado

    I don't doubt this is being viewed with considerable trepidation in Taiwan. And glee in China.


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