BREAKING: USAID Asking Afghan Vets To Help Get Soros People Out Of Afghanistan

September 3, 2021

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CDMedia has been informed via U.S veteran Special Forces operators working privately to get American citizens and allies out of Afghanistan, that the Soros Open Society Foundation has contacted them for help after the Biden betrayal.

The Open Society Foundations have people on the ground in-country who have also been left stranded by the State Department and The White House.

In danger of being imprisoned or worse, these individuals now need to be airlifted out.

The private citizen veteran Special Operators showed us Excel spreadsheets with a list of names from USAID which included requests from the Soros organization.

It is ironic that Soros, who worked so hard to get rid of President Trump last November, is now asking MAGA veterans for help with the sh*t hits the fan.

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27 comments on “BREAKING: USAID Asking Afghan Vets To Help Get Soros People Out Of Afghanistan”

  1. They will just use and abuse the special operators just to get their sorry selves back here to give more money to the freak-o-crats! Are you freaking kidding me? Why doesn't Soros buy his own plane and operators?

  2. In my last comment, I don't mean to be so mean, but I am so angry about losing our soldiers, which did not have to happen, leaving Americans and our allies behind. None of this needed to happen. I too had two brothers in the service and I am just so mad! With all the betrayal America has been given by the left I just don't see why they should be helped.

  3. The right thing is to rescue Soros’, but I’d be hard pressed to make the right choice. I’m glad it’s not me making that decision.

  4. Soros and anyone working for any of his organizations should burn in hell IMO. Leave them behind, and make sure the Taliban knows where they're at.

  5. I wouldn’t help Soro’s people. They have been trying to destroy the United States for too many years. I agree, let them burn. They deserve it
    Remember the parable of the crocodile & the rabbit. ( I think it was a rabbit) anyway it doesn’t matter. We will save them & they will turn on us.

  6. Save them, and make a commercial to make sure everyone sees the process; the pleading and subsequent reactions of the Sorosbot/commietots, and their happy air-drop-delivery into the socialist paradise that is Venezuela or Cuba.

  7. RE: S*r*s’’ “people”...
    To our Special forces working privately-before you engage, tell us, in your view, who is the enemy? One way to think this through...know your enemy. So asking your definition of the enemy.

  8. Okay, I'll ask it. What was Soros doing in Afghanistan?
    He's a billionaire, he finances every Marxist thing that comes along. He can obviously afford to foot the bill for a group of his "followers" to pull off the rescue. Come to think of it, he doesn't need to rescue anyone. He can just buy their freedom from the Taliban. Like he bought so many Secretary of State and Attorney General offices.

  9. "Why doesn’t Soros buy his own plane and operators?"

    That's an excellent question, thank you! If I were in charge, that's exactly what I'd tell the idiot asking me for help. That and "go pound sand". I can't begin to tell you how I feel about those 13 soldiers who were killed for no good reason, NONE. Biden, Harris and friends have alot of explaining to do. My dad fought in WW2 for 4 yrs, stayed in the Navy and worked hard to become a mustang admiral - I'm pretty sure he didn't fight just so that an American president could sell out the military.

  10. If they help the Soros people they are better people than I which probably isn't saying much but I would give them the same phone number that pregnant woman has been calling or the number that woman had who was hung up on. Start there and see where they are in a few days after they've gotten out pregnant women or kids or yes, dogs.

  11. BEWARE! Its a setup by Soros.He has every terrorist in th eworld on his rolodex. He'll betray the MAGA rescuers to the Taliban. These people don't need to be rescured.They are financiers of our enemies.

  12. How much are they worth George? The Taliban are ready for an offer.
    They are worth zilch to freedom in America.

  13. Don't just leave them, give their names and locations to the Taliban and use that as a diversion to rescue real Americans.


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