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    Palestinian Authority “Pay To Slay” Program May Include U.S. Funds

    October 17, 2023
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    The Palestinian Authority (PA) law has rewarded families of Hamas members who died in the Oct. 7 attacks against Israelis families with a monthly allowances and grants according to Palestinian Media Watch.

    The PA has awarded each family with a $1,511 grant and a $353 monthly stipend for life, the outlet observed

    Israeli Lt. Colonel Richard Hecht announced Tuesday that a total of 1,500 bodies of Hamas terrorists were found in Israeli territory, according to The Times of Israel.

    Those 1,500 dead Palestinians amount to a pay off of $2,789,430 for October alone..

    The PA is also set to reward the 50 Hamas terrorists the Israelis captured by awarding them at least $17,590 this month, Palestinian Media Watch reported.

    This PA policy is known as the “pay to slay” program.

    In 2017, the United States Congress passed the Taylor Force Act to explicitly prohibit US funds from being used by the PA unless it ended its relationship with terrorist organizations and its “pay to slay” program.

    The Biden Administration reversed the Trump’s administration’s policy of halting payments to the PA in 2021.

    The Biden administration restarted the funding after requesting an exemption from the U.S. Treasury Department that allowed the State Department to grant over $85 million in aid even while admitting that there was a very “high risk” that the money would fall into the hands of terrorists, according to the FOIA documents obtained by the Free Beacon.

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