• Israeli Lebanese Border Heats Up Again - Will New Ground War Erupt?

    December 31, 2023
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    נשיא המדינה יצחק הרצוג בסיור בגבול הצפון. יום רביעי, ט"ו באב, 2 באוגוסט 2023. קרדיט צילום: קובי גדעון / לע"מ.
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    Israeli and American jets bombed Iranian proxy army targets in Lebanon and Syria today as the Israeli Lebanese border continues to experience escalation from multiple parties.

    The IDF announced it hit targets in the Lebanese village of Ramyeh on Sunday morning, which included military buildings, according to the statement, reported Zero Hedge.

    Israel alleged that Hezbollah "operates from the area of ​​the village, which is used as a terror center for the group to observe and carry out terror acts."

    The IDF said further the Iran-backed militant group launched missiles from Ramyeh, while "exploiting the civilian population in the village area and using it as a human shield."

    CDM has reported extensively on the Israeli northern border as a possible new ground front in the war. Interviews below discuss this in-depth.

    L Todd Wood Interviews BG Yossi Kuperwasser In Israel - How Did Oct 7 Happen? 12/1/23

    L Todd Wood Direct From Israel - Former Israeli Ambassador Chief Of Staff Yifa Segal 12/4/23

    The Israeli military said it returned fire following a strike from Syria overnight and launched extensive strikes against the militant Hezbollah movement in Lebanon amid a rise in hostilities with Iranian-backed militia groups across the region, reported the Wall Street Journal.

    Reports from the region also fingered American aircraft in attacks in Iraq/Syria.

    In the interview above with BG Kuperwasser, he states that a military solution to the northern border attacks may be needed.

    This is the next shoe to drop in the Middle Eastern war, which will likely draw in the United States.

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    Could be the Aircraft #PedoJoeXiden Abandoned to the Terrorists in Afghanistan!

    They should've at least dropped bomb on it ALL to keep them out of Enemies Hands!

    Now they are Figuring out how to jam American Equipment in future conflicts!

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