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    TX Court Rules Attorney Sidney Powell Broke No Rules With Election Fraud Lawsuits

    February 25, 2023

    Commission for Lawyer Discipline vs Sidney Powell Final Summary Judgment

    The Texas Law Center building at 1414 Colorado Street in Austin, Texas, is the office building that houses the State Bar of Texas, Texas Legal Services Center, Texas Young Lawyers Association, Texas Bar Foundation, Texas Center for Legal Ethics, Austin Bar Association, and some University of Texas at Austin School of Law events are held there.
    Image by Tony Webster

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    On March 1, 2022, the Texas Bar filed suit against Sidney Powell in Texas state court, alleging six ethical violations arising from the election fraud suits she filed on behalf of electors following the 2020 presidential election.

    Full discovery ensued with multiple depositions, Powell’s production of more than 55,000 pages of documents and a massive privilege log.

    Yesterday the Texas Judge applied settled law and held that the Bar had no evidence as a matter of law that Powell violated any rule in her four election fraud cases. 

    "It's a good day for the Rule of Law thanks to a smart, hardworking, courageous judge who did not let political pressure or the press control her decision--despite their best efforts to do so," said Powell to CDMedia.



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    James Kress

    Interesting how different States come to differing conclusions. Texas got it right. Michigan, as usual, got it wrong.

    Kay Louise White

    Thank you Attorney Powell. I live in a rural area in the upper Thumb of Michigan and I read most information you submit. Your stamina is encouraging to me. Prayers to Our Father, God for you and family.

    Kathy Stuart

    So very THANKFUL for the wisdom and discernment of this judge. We need lawyers like Sidney Powell to protect our rights. Election integrity is critical and the evidence is overwhelming that our election in 2020 was not legal. Praying God will continue to bring TRUTH and JUSTICE to light. And I pray the SUPREME COURT will reclaim its authority to weigh the evidence and get to the bottom of the corruption in WASHINGTON and elsewhere.

    Robert Smit

    Sydney Powell, you are an American hero. You are a shining example of what is right in this country. You are a beautiful and courageous person standing up against the forces of darkness that have clouded the soul of our nation. May your spirit be renewed and your light break forth like the dawn and may your enemies be scattered in all directions.
    What a beautiful white American woman, a true justice warrior in the highest sense of that word, standing boldly for the truth for the benefit of ALL.

    Vermer Leake

    Thank you for fighting for our election integrity and rule of our laws.

    Mark Hebert

    Praise God for Sidney Powell, and Praise God for this brave judge for standing up for the rule of law, As it is written, and Not caving to political pressure. And based on what was reported in Arizona, I wouldn't put it past those on the left to have even threatened this judge. We need law enforcement to stand up and do their jobs as they relate to these lawless threats, and/or lawsuits to prosecute these criminals! Afterall, I believe it Is illegal to threaten a judge.

    God Bless you, Sidney Powell! You're a True American Patriot!

    Mex Seiko

    I can’t reconcile “No Standing” or “No Injury” as basis to dismiss ANY constitutional case. The Judicial system is the first line of defense and protection of the Constitution. Our Constitution is our protection against Government tyranny. Any and every US Citizen MUST be recognized STANDING in ANY and EVERY constitutional case. The General Elections are under US Constitution, which protects EVERY Citizen from EVERY state. Any New York citizen has standing in any case claiming violations to the Constitution occurring in California. In the case of the elections the nation is injured by fraud. Any candidate that wants to be elected by fraud does not have the citizens’ best interest in mind.


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