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    The Regime’s War To Make Memes Illegal

    March 20, 2023
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    By Pastor Andrew Isker

    The Regime is currently trying to put a man behind bars for ten years for making memes. The most important First Amendment case of our lifetimes is taking place, and many have no idea it is even happening. 

    United States v. Douglass Mackey began this week and is a major part of the Left’s war on free speech in America. Two days after Joe Biden took the oath of office, the Department of Justice charged Douglass Mackey with election interference for posting memes in 2016. Mackey is alleged to be the popular Twitter poster Ricky Vaughn, who shared memes instructing Hillary Clinton supporters to text in their vote rather than wait in line at their polling place.

    It is easy to forget, after the Regime struck back in 2020 with totalitarian pandemic measures, color revolution riots, and a highly dubious election, that posters like Ricky Vaughn played a major role in the unexpected defeat of the Regime’s chosen candidate. We forget that in 2016, the big social media companies (which all are dutiful parts of the Regime apparatus) had not yet devised methods to restrict, censor, and deboost speech critical of the Regime. And it was not as though they were unable, as the waves of bannings and algorithmic deboosting of those on the online right began in earnest after 2016. The Regime simply underestimated the power of decentralized information and unrestricted social media. Men like Ricky made them look absolutely ridiculous. And this is why when they finally regained the reins of formal power, the very first thing they did was prosecute the man they allege is Ricky Vaughn...

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    Amy Williams

    Praying this brave young man remains free! The results of this trial will definitely set the precedent for the rest of us!


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