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    Polls: Despite Relentless Propaganda, Climate Change Skepticism Is Growing

    April 22, 2023

    Re-education programs are failing.

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    Two recent polls have found that despite relentless propaganda promoting the man-made global warming narrative, climate change skepticism is growing globally.

    A survey conducted by a group within the University of Chicago asked Americans whether humans were causing all or most of climate change.

    Whereas 60 per cent held this belief five years ago, that figure has now slumped to 49 per cent...

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    Climate change my foot. The only climate change is Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter. The
    nonsense Global Warming is just so much BS too.

    John Walsh

    No mystery here. Just Google 'Earth's climate over the last 500 million years', and you'll see a graph that shows MASSIVE ups and downs in the earth's temperature! In fact, the graph has a dotted line across the center, above which both poles were ice free. And they were ice free for over half of the last 500 million years. Global warming, now rebranded as 'climate change' is a political tool of the left, designed to con those who fail to check the facts. Their purpose is to install totalitarianism. Communism by any other name. Remember, the left will use ANYTHING in order to advance their agenda. They have 0 morals.

    David Smith

    If there's a lot of screeching, gnashing of teeth, threats of violence, disruption by activists and outright manipulation of temperature statistics, it's the left wing and they are the useful idiots of their masters.


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