CDM/GA Record Covering How Brad Raffensperger And Other Election Officials Are 'Protecting Elections' At The DC Spy Museum Today

May 8, 2023
CDM Founder L Todd Wood

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The CDM/Georgia Record team in onsite at the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. today covering how GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and other national election officials are 'protecting elections' at a conference at the venue.

The event is sponsored by the Soror-affiliated group - CEIR.

Such an odd choice for a conference on protecting elections - are they trolling us?

We wrote today how all the panelists from the conference are from the states which have the most bloated and fraudulent voter rolls in the nation.

We will be releasing a lot of video either tonight or tomorrow.

Stay tuned! Same bat channel!

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    Q: Are they trolling us?
    A: Yes, for some. Mostly, they are about deception and pretense.

    John Walters



    And the irony that this is happening just DAYS after Kemp signed SB 222 to in essence stop Zuckerberg monies from influencing GA elections while virtually 100% of CEIR's funding comes from Zuckerberg

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