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    Trump’s NY Jury Ends In Battery & Defamation, But Who Is Carroll?

    May 10, 2023
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    A New York federal court jury has concluded former President Donald Trump is liable for battery and defamation after hearing arguments in a civil trial brought by writer E. Jean Carroll, who has alleged tha Trump raped her in New York department store, Bergdorf Goodman, during the 1990s, but the years were never specific at trial. 

    Ms. Carroll has alleged in 2019 that Trump raped her in 1995 or 1996 in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman. Carroll sued Trump for defamation after he denied ever knowing her and labeled her accusations a “hoax and lie.”

    After a public legal battle, the New York jury awarded roughly $2 million in damages to Carroll for the battery count.  Carroll may also receive $3 million for the defamation count.

    Although the allegation stems from the 1990s, the civil case was allowed to move forward now because of a a New York law that was created to give a temporary open legal window for alleged victims to sue their assailants for damages beyond the normal statute of limitations.

    The former president's legal team chose to not call any defense witnesses, including the former president during the trial. Health complications prevented the defense's expert witness, psychiatrist Edgar Nace, from appearing.

    In early May, Judge Lewis Kaplan denied Trump’s defense legal team’s call for a mistrial. 

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    Joe Tacopina, Trump’s lead defense counsel, had argued that Judge Kaplan has had a history of "pervasive unfair and prejudicial rulings" against Donald Trump. 

    After the verdict, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social in response to the verdict claiming he didn’t know who Jean Carroll was.


    There were twists and turns during the court’s proceedings. Judge Kaplan prevented Trump’s attorney’s from questioning Carroll about whether she tried to obtain surveillance footage from the department store, Bergdorf Goodman. The department store was where Carroll alleged this attack happened that would show Trump’s presence at the time of the alleged incident. 

    Tacopina argued the court expressed a corroborative view to the jury that no one was present on the store’s sixth floor when the rape allegedly occurred.

    Ms. Carroll claimed that she was so traumatized by her encounter with Trump decades ago that she has never been sexually intimate since and that lack of intimacy was caused because of this alleged sexual encounter with Trump. 

    Ms. Carroll today is 79 years of age. 

    Four years ago, in the below video, Ms. Carroll has espoused about her life. She has professionally answered public questions about her life as a columnist, akin to Ann Landers of a past generation, which was syndicated across numerous American newspapers.

    Carroll was published in Elle Magazine for almost 25 years, and even in Playboy. Within both publications, Carroll has reported to have responded to readers about their sex lives, but within the Trump lawsuit, Carroll has claimed to be traumatized. 

    Below is a tape produced less than five years ago by Ms. Carroll, and within the tape, Ms. Carroll - in her own words about her life - she espousing to have stayed up “late,” and “I thank God I do not have children.” 

    “I wanted to be Ann [Landers] and Abby [Landers]…” Ann and Abby were two famous advice columnists from generations’ past syndicated across American newspapers,” stated Carroll. 

    “I’m a cheerleader,” exclaimed Carroll. 

    “A line from me can change your life - whether it changes for the better or the worst, I don’t know,” boasts Carroll. 

    In this video, Carroll is claimed to be 75 years of age. She claims that she could not be answering columns in New York City because she could not think. 

    Hence, why Carroll seemingly lives in her house named - Mouse House in the Woods - in Upstate New York, because if living in New York, she would be “dating 16 people living in New York.” 

    Carroll claims she has gone to the woods where she lives to “find out who you are…” 

    Carroll lives among streams and rivers in the woods and is “so horrified,”according to her that she painted creek rocks and tree bases baby blue. 

    Carroll is a nationally recognized cheerleader from Indiana in the 1960s. She won a championship in 1964. 

    Fame was Carroll’s to capitulate herself across Indiana across billboards for her championship, which led her to Washington, D.C. 

    It meant alot to Carroll because in this video she recalls it at the age of 75. 

    When asked in the video, “What is the best advice she has ever been given? - 

    “Eat, driving and be merry,” says Carroll, who is seen downing a bottle in this interview:


    Here is Carroll’s interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN:

    Here is a story about Carroll’s history of reporting.

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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