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    Biden Administration To Bring Back Trump-Era Border Policy As Title 42 Ends

    May 11, 2023
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    The Biden administration is reportedly bringing back a Trump-era border policy that will allow for swift deportations of migrants who cross the border into the U.S. illegally once Title 42 ends on Thursday.

    The new policy requires asylum seekers to prove that they have previously requested protection in a third country like Mexico before attempting to enter the U.S. If they do not meet the requirements, they will be ineligible for entrance.

    While the restriction is expected to be challenged in federal court, hundreds of immigration officers have been trained on how to enforce the new rule.

    The policy also does not apply to unaccompanied minors and migrants who use a mobile app system won't be barred according to provisions under the rule.

    According to training documents, under the new policy, only migrants with "exceptionally compelling circumstances" will be given an exemption to the asylum bar. Such circumstances include migrants with an "acute medical emergency," victims of "a severe form of human trafficking," and those who face an "imminent and extreme threat."

    Migrants don't appear to be waiting for Title 42 to end before attempting to enter the U.S. with migrant apprehensions drastically rising in recent days. Last week more than 8,700 apprehensions were made over a 3-day period, while in March the average was 5,200.

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    Former ICE Director Tom Homan is none too pleased with the situation at the border, saying, "What's happening to the southern border right now, in my opinion, after doing this for 35 years, is the largest homeland security intelligence failure since 9/11."

    "This is a huge national security failure," he added.

    Homan's concerns aren't just about the Biden administration's lack of ability to handle the problem, but also the fact that many of the migrants coming in have criminal backgrounds and come from countries that are known to sponsor terrorism, according to Zerohedge.

    "They've already arrested over 170 people from the terrorist watchlist. That's who they've arrested," Homan said.

    "If you don't think a single one out of that 1.4 million plus the unknowns [is a known or suspected terrorist], then you're ignorant of the data," he concluded.

    Not only are suspected terrorists streaming into the U.S. across the southern border but so are illegal migrants who are bringing in potentially lethal drugs like fentanyl. While the Biden administration scrambles to do a 'major pivot' and bring back Trump-era border policies, the sentiment among many is that it's far too little and far too late.



    Jen Snow

    Jen Snow is a former paralegal turned freelance writer who has a passion for foreign affairs. When not writing, she can be found curled up with her dog and a good book or outside playing in the Florida sun.
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