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    UPDATE: Police Identify Alleged Maine Mass Shooter as  Robert Card - Mass Shooting Of Nearly 70 In Lewiston, Maine 

    October 25, 2023

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    Maine law enforcement have a full force ongoing swat team on the ground and with helicopters and drones in the sky hunting for Robert Card, who has been identified to be the suspect as the mass shooter.

    Card is alleged to have murdered 22 people so far and injured possibly three times that in Lewiston, Maine in several locations. 

    Card has a rap sheet for domestic violence. He has been divorced twice and reportedly is a father of three children. One of his wives is thought to have filed a temporary restraining order for domestic abuse. 

    A Robert Card who was born on April 3, 1984 had previously been arrested for child pornography and is a registered sex offender. 

    It is believed to have no political affiliation. 

    He is the focus of a wider manhunt after a shooter opened fire in several locations in Lewiston, Maine. 

    He is white, 39 years of age, has brown hair and stands almost 6 feet. He is reported to drive a Subaru Outback. 

    The hunt has been expanded to Lisbon, Maine, which is about 8 miles southeast of Lewiston. 

    According to the sex registration, Card’s address is in Waterville, Maine. 

    Community colleges and schools will be closed tomorrow. 

    One church is planning a vigil service on Thursday night depending upon the manhunt. 

    What We Know As Of Now: 

    A massive man-hunt is underway in Lewiston, Maine after a man carrying an AR-style rifle barreled through the town to several locations, killing at least 22 people, and wounded 50-60 citizens at several location, including at a local bowling alley. 

    The reports came into law enforcement around 8pm edt. 

    Local law enforcement is calling it a “mass casualty,” and ordered residents to shelter in place for an indefinite lockdown in Lewiston and nearby Auburn. 

    Lewiston is a city of approximately 37,000 about 30 miles north of Portland. 

    It is believed that the man has a lot of ammunition with him which has led investigators to believe he is an experienced shooter. 

    The number murdered is almost or more than total annual homicides in Maine most years.

    Last year there were 29 homicides in Maine, which has a population of almost 1.4 million, according to statistics from the State Department of Public Safety. In 2020, there were 20.

    "This is a very active and dynamic situation. The image of at least one active killer has been released by police. He is armed with a tactical rifle," NBC News law enforcement contributor Jim Cavanaugh, a former special agent in the ATF, said in a text message.

    "Law Enforcement is now swarming the area attempting to locate, isolate and eliminate the active killer or killers," he said.

    President Joe Biden has been briefed on what’s known so far about the active shooting incident in Lewiston, Maine, and "will continue to receive updates," a senior White House official said.

    The president received an initial briefing earlier this evening. He is  currently hosting the State Dinner for Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his wife. 

    Police in Lewiston released a photo of a vehicle they are looking for in the shooting investigation.

    Agents with the Boston branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are responding to the active shooter situation and on stand-by at this time. 

    Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, “is reacting to a mass casualty, mass shooter event."

    The medical center said it had "no specifics to share on the number of casualties."

    "We are currently dealing with an active shooter incident (Schemengees and Sparetime Recreation). Please stay off the roads to allow emergency responders access to the hospitals," police said on Facebook.

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    Schemengees appears to be a bar and restaurant, and Sparetime Recreation appears to be a bowling center, according to their websites.

    City says 'stay inside with doors locked,' identifies 3 locations police are investigating.

    State police and the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office alerted people on social media shortly after 8 p.m.

    Bates College is on lockdown and school will be closed until further notice. 

    This story is developing. 



    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    Mad Celt

    Democrats: let go of gun control. These Shooters are certified and take out your opponents mostly.

    Michael Dowd

    Were any by-standers armed? Here in New Mexico about 1/3 of passers-by are armed and happy to rescue folks around them.


    Probably not, it is liberal Maine, at least in southern Maine.


    If this was committed by a liberal non-white person, the story would have been poofed by now. The radical democrat/socialist/communist left will now use this to go after more gun control measures before the bodies are even room temperature.

    Hopefully, many people saw what happened to the unarmed civilians on Israel when the radical, barbaric muslim terrorists attacked.


    This guy is a just like pedo Joseph Biden. Only he was punished for his child exploitation when Joe was promoted.

    Paul Ackerman

    Your article is sadly out of date and incorrect in several ways. The Robert Card identified as a sex offender is a different person --age is wrong and has different middle initial as well as living in another city in Maine.
    The previous assertion by some Lewiston city councilor that there were 22 dead is wrong. The State Police have released the verified number as 18, an arrest warrant was issued for Robert Card charging him with 8 murders. The other 10 had not been identified by press time.


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