• Scott McKay Makes The Case That Obama Is Still Calling The Shots In The White House

    November 29, 2023

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    Steve Bannon discusses Obama's third term with Scott McKay.

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    veto longwene

    BHO has no proof of US citizenship, never had a real job, fails e-verify, and has some Connecticut man's SSN - but still has a security clearance, wh pass, several mansions, secret service protection, and SECRET college work we paid for under false pretenses. He's the same TRAIT0R who mandated foreign voting machines (connected to the internet) in US federal elections. #UnplugTheVote DamnDominion.com #MAGAvsDeepState #ReleaseMarxistKenyanTrait0rsPubliclyFundedSecretCollegeWorkNow


    Well, it is obvious to the most casual observer that senile, little girl fondling, incompetent, dysfunctional Joe Biden isn't capable of calling the shots, he couldn't run a lemon-aid stand without destroying it. All he can do is read the teleprompter the words someone else wrote, go where his handlers tell him to go, do what they tell him to do and not to do. He is an ignorant blubbering buffoon just like hid VP Commie-la Harris.


    Obama "sold" ICANN to Brussels in 2011. look it up


    We know. Everybody knows that MichaelBraaaaawk remains in charge of the lot who illegally occupy our White House and the entire DNC and DC crime syndicate.

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