• De-Growth Climate Czar John Kerry Says US Will Phase Out Coal Plants Nationwide To Go Wind/Solar - Result Will Be Unstable Electricity Supplies

    December 2, 2023
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    Messianic, de-growth Climate Czar John Kerry fulfilled his wildest dreams today as he announced at COP28, the global climate conference being held in Dubai, that the United States will phase out coal plants in the very near term (20% of US electrical production) in favor of 'green energy'.

    This action is a surrender of American energy power to global interests.

    U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry announced at the annual United Nations climate change summit, known as COP28 and which is being held in Dubai, although no date was given for when the existing plants would have to go, reported Fox News.

    "We will be working to accelerate unabated coal phase-out across the world, building stronger economies and more resilient communities," Kerry said in a statement. 

    "The first step is to stop making the problem worse: stop building new unabated coal power plants."

    The 'science' is not settled on the 'climate change crisis'. The entire movement is obviously an effort to destroy Western energy supplies, and hence its economic and military power.

    In fact, many 'climate dissidents' are now publishing data showing the 'crisis' is manufactured.

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    John Kerry "US Will Phase Out Coal Plants", but China, India, and other nations won't. Perfect!!!

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