• TRUMP Firmly Responds To Jack Smith Petitioning Supreme Court

    December 11, 2023
    TRUMP Firmly Responds To Jack Smith Petitioning Supreme Court

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    President Donald Trump firmly responded to Special Prosecutor Jack Smith petitioning directly to the Supreme Court to avoid the necessary time table for his Trump prosecutions, in order to effect the 2024 presidential election negatively for Team Trump.

    You can read Trump's response below.

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    Mike S

    These 4 trials were never meant to happen. The plan was to get Trump tied up in a slew of different cases, that would prevent his campaign from taking off and stop his supporters.

    Mike S

    How to believe that? After Trump's supporters returned, unfazed by this malarkey, he has 50% of the Republican primary vote, the rest will soon follow.

    Democrats, never short of bad ideas, go with the 14th Amendment.3 states have already tossed the idea of preventing Trump ballot access.

    Mike S

    Let me know if you've heard this one. If elected, Trump will be a dictator. Yeah, that'll get everyone's attention.

    Now, Smith realizing he could be found out, is taking the January 6th case to the SCOTUS. If the SCOTUS decides Trump is protected, Smith doesn't have to do a fake trial. If the SCOTUS proceed with the trial, then Smith, just kind of goes forward.


    Think in terms of the long game... regardless of how the Supreme Court responds, Trump wins. If they say Trump has Presidential immunity, Smith looks like the fool he is. If not... Biden, Obama, Bush and Clinton, (probably not time for Carter, not fit to stand trial), all lose their Presidential immunity. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander... the left (unwittingly) keeps destroying their own defenses. The case against Trump is a joke, even without Presidential immunity...


    idiots like you brought us illegal immigration


    Deranged Jack Smith is getting desperate.

    Mike S

    How about that Hunter Biden trial? Will Joe pardon his little Black sheep? Well... As the trial date nears, more evidence will be made public. Evidence that might criminally implicate Joe. Better to pardon sooner than later.


    I bet you they do not take the case.

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