• "Mass Migration Blueprints" Reveal NGOs "Carefully Planned" US Migrant Invasion, Report Says

    December 26, 2023

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    A network of NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, seems to be playing a powerful role in coordinating the large-scale invasion of illegals at the US southern border.

    The new website Muckraker revealed a treasure trove of "mass migration blueprints," handed out by NGOs across South and Central America to illegals with details about their route to the US. 

    "The collapse of the US southern border is the result of a carefully planned and deliberately executed industrial mass migration program," Muckraker said. 

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    Targeting map.


    It causes me grief at how our once-great nation has become the welfare provider for these foreign invaders. They are felons by crossing our border illegally. Do we turn them back? Nope! Except for a few terrorists, they are given money, airline tickets, housing, food, medical and dental services, even pushing US military veterans' appointments back to give them dental care in Veterans Administration hospitals.

    Clarence James

    The Cloward/Piven, the plan of destroying America from within via overloading of the social safety net...by NGOs [Non-governmental-organizations] setup by the ruling plutocracy of the one world order...Endless wars fomented by our intelligence agencies around the world in cooperation with both houses of our congress and the white house...the union of school teachers teaching immorality and state governments that work not for the parents, but for NGO's and tax free foundations that fund them!


    Since these non government organizations thrive on U.S. government money, is this not treason?


    We need to read the Constitution for that answer. I'm uncertain.

    Ronald J. Loomis

    This invasion has all been planned by the one world gov mob it has all been planned out these fools want one gov for north and south America there has been meetings about this Sec State winkin blinkin and nod was there and that is a fact. The US is going to no longer exist Canada will be a part of it as well as Mexico if all goes according to plan.


    Many red-blooded Americans may have a different opinion. Trump will never agree to that.

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