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    TX Governor Abbot Issues Letter Saying Federal Government Has "Broken The Compact" With States

    January 24, 2024

    Are the Feds trying to start a civil war?

    U.S. Supreme Court Rules Federal Government Can Remove Razor Wire On Texas-Mexico Border
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    Are the Feds under the OBiden administration trying to start a civil war as the election approaches?

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott says the Federal government has 'broken the compact' with the states in a public letter issued today.

    Abbott declares he will 'continue to defend Texas.'

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    Plato v2.0

    I bet O-BA-MA blinks first!


    Read above


    Cloward & Piven to a "T" .
    The cabal operating Biden as their puppet will continue to poke and provoke Texas, and others, until there is a violent confrontation (probably like the Whitmer hoax kidnapping ,instigated by the oh-so-clean FBI ) and then you know what will happen.
    Texas is doing exactly what they should do, and I hope they keep it up --put up miles more wire, and blockade the co-opted federal forces who are actually trying to aid lawbreakers & smugglers.


    washington is full of benedict arnolds right now (and we shot him for treason)


    The answer is undeniably "yes". That is the function of the border invasion army - to quell an American insurrection. They have been trained, here, under Obama, in FEMA camps (eg., Greyling in Michigan) and are now being billeted all over the country. Residents around Greyling report large increases of soldiers there.


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