• BYRNE: Lambert Released As No Arrest Warrant Per Law In Michigan For Misdemeanors

    March 19, 2024
    CLEMENTS: Lambert Arrest Afront To The Republic

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    Attorney Stephanie Lambert's client Patrick Byrne fired off a tweet this afternoon, declaring that Michigan had issued an illegal arrest warrant for Lambert, and she was released.

    The Mockingbird Media tried hard to present another narrative.

    CNN mocked, "...she was arrested due to a warrant in Michigan, which was issued after she failed to appear at two recent hearings in her separate criminal case. She was indicted last year in connection with an election system breach, which was one of several incidents in battleground states where Trump supporters tried to prove their voter-fraud theories.

    "A police affidavit regarding Lambert’s arrest described her as “a fugitive from the state of Michigan” and said an officer from DC’s Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Tuesday that Michigan “will extradite” her, according to court filings obtained by CNN."

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    The left makes up the law as they go.


    She busted Dominion which is liable for treason so naturally they arrest her. What a mad, mad, mad corrupt world we live in. Wow, take your breath away.

    Last edited 4 months ago by Daniel

    Misdemeanors in Florida can carry UP TO five years in Raiford, and $5000 fine, and ten years probation at $100/mo.

    Just a heads up...


    don't they arrest anyone who says the election was stolen? well, not if you are democrat and blame putin.

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