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    MIT Removes Palestine Protest, But They're Back...

    May 16, 2024
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    Should pro-Palestine protestors on college campuses face consequences for their violation of campus rules and regulations–and, possibly, the law? MIT President Sally Kornbluth seems to have come around to believing that they should. 

    On Monday, May 6, she announced that those currently encamped in front of the university’s student center would be disciplined unless they cleared out by 2:30 pm that same day. They ultimately did amidst police presence, and barricades were erected to prevent their re-entry.

    This development seemed like a victory for normalcy and law and order. However, it was accompanied by multiple setbacks. As the encampment started emptying, a large crowd began populating surrounding areas in support of the protestors. More demonstrations ensued in the coming hours, including one that blocked traffic on Massachusetts Avenue. 

    This bedlam came after a Jewish student was denied entry into the encampment area and the pro-Palestinian protestors, potentially funded and infiltrated by outside organizations, openly chanted antisemitic slogans and supported terror groups.

    Now, the encampment is back again after demonstrators tore down the barricades and re-occupied the area–in complete defiance of Institute policy. The administration’s threat to discipline the protestors appeared to have been feckless. If anything, it has only emboldened them. 

    It will be interesting to observe how the situation plays out from today. But one thing is clear: weakness only breeds more aggression. We have seen that throughout history, and we are living it now. Unless earnest and decisive action is taken, it is almost preordained that the chaos we have will devolve further.

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    Spencer Sindhusen

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