• BERNEGGER: We're Going After ERIC In Wisconsin

    June 20, 2024
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    BERNEGGER: We're Going After ERIC In Wisconsin

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    Wisconsin election integrity activist Peter Bernegger is going after ERIC:

    We're going after ERIC, to flush them out of the state of Wisconsin. A law firm has been retained. You're going to laugh at this story: state statute mandates we belong to ERIC, their membership agreement must be signed by the Chief Election Officer - squatter Meagan Wolfe of the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC). This is required per Wis Stats 6.36(1)(ae). Funny part: the six Commissioners do not know there isn't any signed agreement between WEC and ERIC. @donmillis @bobspindell  Commissioner Don Millis, a tax attorney, doesn't know there is no signed membership agreement. Might want to think twice about having your taxes done by him! 

       How do I know there is no signed agreement: public records request WEC could not produce one per staff attorney Angela O'Brien; and, court discovery in Ozaukee County Case Number 2022CV000300 Scott Sidney vs. Wisconsin Elections Commission et al - WEC was required to produce one if they had it, they could not. That is on the court record, Bernegger reported on his Telegram channel.

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         So all this means electors personally identifiable information is being given out unlawfully by Wolfe and the six Commissioners. Each is committing massive amounts of felony crimes by giving out electors' social security numbers, birthdates and more illegally to ERIC, where ERIC then gives it to CEIR per Sec. of State emails we have. 

        What WEC produced via public records was a signed membership agreement by corrupt Kevin Kennedy - but Kennedy signed the agreement 1.5 months before WEC came into existence (which was June 30, 2016). Think of that: an attorney signing a legal contract for an entity he was not employed by; for an entity which did not exist; for an entity he was never the Chief Election Officer of. And Kennedy resigned two days before June 30th, from the Govt. Accountability Board. He was never part of WEC in any fashion. The Govt. Accountability Board was dissolved before WEC was created. And in the Braun v WEC case (which we won) the Judge ruled no contract from GAB carried over to WEC. And still to this day we have six clueless Commissioners being scammed by Meagan Wolfe.    

          I'm thinking maybe I'll just start signing contracts on behalf of WEC. It seems it does not matter that I am not employed by them nor the Chief Election Officer, just trifling's I can ignore when signing legal contracts on behalf of WEC using my name and signature. Why not, Kevin Kennedy did it?

    ~ Peter Bernegger


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